Natalie Sydorenko

Natalie Sydorenko

Content Expert at

Natalie helps fresh sales reps, B2B marketers, and link builders transition into their new roles and master the art of their job through valuable guides and use cases. She backbones every educational piece of content with thorough research, primary data collection based on experience and interviews, and provides in-depth statistics – all with the aim to educate young business professionals on how to attract customers and influencers to their product and foster its growth. Natalie’s educational background is solely linguistic, which transitioned to the academic writing area first. Soon she tackled managing her own team of editors, which made her realize the importance of team and product growth, leading her to email marketing content in 2018. Two years later, she started her path in preparing her own sales and marketing-oriented guidelines for businesses all over the world. Throughout her three-year-long journey at, Natalie realized her passion for business research and educational support for young entrepreneurs. Now she specializes in B2B sales, link-building outreach, and sales automation and keeps improving her SaaS expertise.

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