Hanna Lebedeva

Hanna Lebedeva

Content Expert at Snov.io

Hanna Lebedeva is a content writer and researcher at Snov.io. Having an academic background with a Ph.D. in linguistics, Hanna has over 10 years of experience in translation & interpreting for B2B companies. Knowing how to convey the message right and understanding the needs of current B2B companies, Hanna uses her vast experience to create engaging, well-researched content that helps hundreds of B2B companies find perfect clients for their products and services. For the past 3 years, she’s been actively assisting e-commerce and product companies with creating blog content, product descriptions, reviews, and articles that both educate and ignite the AIDA feels in prospects. On the Snov.io blog, she writes about various advantages of using the company’s sales automation tools to get B2B companies to find more leads, boost conversions, and streamline sales.

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