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Helen Holovach brings you the best articles, guides, and research on marketing, incorporating the latest statistics and trends in the marketing world to make sure every campaign you run is a success. Helen is a dedicated writer, but in her free time she prefers to sit by a campfire and sing songs with a guitar.
How To Write A Cold Email That Converts: Actionable Tips

How To Write A Cold Email That Converts: Actionable Tips

The art of writing a cold email that converts isn’t as easy as it seems. But luckily, there are powerful,…

Cheap Email Marketing: How To Start On A Budget

Cheap Email Marketing: How To Start On A Budget

Email marketing is one of the best options for brand promotion and communication with leads and clients. But it can…

What is Quora Marketing?

A Guide To Quora Marketing: How To Become A Top Writer And Boost Your Business

Growing brand awareness is a time-consuming task that requires effort and drive. And you as a marketer need to know…

How to write a price increase email letter

How To Write A Price Increase Letter: 7 Tips And Examples

For every business there comes a time where for one reason or the other you need to raise your prices….

conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization: Strategies, Tools, And Best Practices

When I was first getting involved in marketing, concepts like CRO were intimidating. However, they are only intimidating in theory….

106 Email Marketing Statistics You Should Know In 2020

Outline: Is email marketing overrated? Importance of email marketing in 2020 Email frequency and timing Email sending automation Segmentation and…

email verification

What Is Email Verification And How To Check If An Email Is Valid

So, you’ve finally grown your email list big enough. Now, it’s time to learn how to verify email addresses to…

89 Productivity Chrome Extensions For Marketers You’re Missing Out On

Email marketing tools come in many shapes and sizes. Our favorite? Chrome extensions. Easy-to-use and powerful enough to double, triple,…

pros and cons of email marketing software

Pros And Cons Of Leading Email Marketing Software

Email marketing remains a robust way for brands to keep potential customers and existing buyers engaged. This is understandable as…

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