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59 Best B2B Email Subject Lines For Sales (And How To Craft Your Own Killer Subject Line)

Best email subject lines

Good first impression stays with the person, whether it’s a sincere smile or an act of unconditional kindness. Subject lines are the email marketers’ opportunity for a good first impression.

Mastering the art of the email marketing subject line should be the #1 priority of any email copywriter: among the 5 to 20 email subject lines visible in the inbox, you need to make sure yours stands out. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of email subject line tips for you to learn from, as well as 59 best B2B email subject lines for sales for you to choose and experiment with, so read up!

Why pay attention to subject lines?

The email subject line is the first thing people see in their inbox – it will define their further interaction with your email. The numbers below show exactly why the email subject line really really matters:

Email subject line statistics

Where to start when writing a sales email subject line

Just like the email copy itself, the email subject line demands preparation. Answering the questions below will steer you in the right direction. 

  • What is your offer?
    You know what you are selling. Just make sure to think of your offer not as a product, but as the value it can provide to the leads.
  • Who are you selling to?
    Think again of your target audience – their needs, their pain points, their motivations. Write your subject lines with the buyer persona in mind.
  • What is the goal of your email?
    What are you aiming at – opens, replies or conversions? Determining your final goal will help you compose a better-performing email marketing subject line.
  • Do the recipients know you?
    If you are emailing someone for the first time, you need to make a good impression and stay in their minds. But that is still relevant when writing to someone you’ve already had a conversation with. Only this time you also need to prove your credibility and evoke desire for further cooperation.
  • Do you have any mutual connections?
    If yes, use them! Using this information in the subject line will cause a rise in your opens as well as your chances for the final conversion. Why? The trust element of a mutual connection.
  • Do they want to open your email?
    Work with your recipients’ expectations. Do they ignore your emails? Make the subject line so tempting that any person (even a discouraged one) has a burning desire to open the email. Do they enjoy your emails? Use the subject line to fuel their feelings even more.
  • What kind of subject line performs best?
    Test, test, and test to study the recipients’ behavior and know what affects them the most. 

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Email subject lines for sales: best practices

Once all the questions are answered, you can proceed to developing your best email subject line. To convey the tone, excitement, and the message itself, it’s important to respect the subject line best practices:

Align the subject line with the message itself

The email marketing subject line should always match the content presented in the email. While clickbait email subject lines for sales are a somewhat effective strategy, the reaction can be unpredictable: most people forget the subject line the moment they open the email, but complete misalignment of the promised and the message itself can cause disappointment, loss of trust, or even anger, resulting in complaints and unsubscriptions.

Maintaining your reputation is one of the most important things in email marketing and tarnishing it to get a slight increase in opens is a bad trade-off.

Never miss the chance to use power words and emotional triggers

People are emotional creatures and you can easily appeal to their feelings and emotions through words right in the subject lines of your emails. Decide on the emotion you want to activate and use the corresponding emotional trigger words or power words. When used right, they can skyrocket the open rate.

Study and avoid spam triggers

Power words and spam trigger words go hand in hand. There’s a very fine line between the two. Always double-check if your subject line is getting too spammy using a list of spam trigger words (download the PDF to always have it hand) or use a specific tool like Subject Line Tester to get a detailed analysis of its spamminess. 

Optimize for mobile

Mobile has introduced its own standards, and the email subject lines have been affected too. On desktop, the displayed subject line length can reach well over 100 characters, while on mobile it’s usually around 30 characters (though these numbers may vary depending on the OS and screen resolution).

That’s why the best subject lines for sales are predominantly short and can be displayed on all devices. Consider this (and the overall email optimization) if a significant chunk of your emails are opened on mobile.

Keep the email subject line length optimal

According to a B2B email marketing research, short subject lines (less than 7 words) show 65% better performance compared to long subject lines (8+ words). What’s more, long email subject lines are often viewed as a sign of low quality email content. Less is more.

Personalize the subject line

Remember the wise words of Dale Carnegie: Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in the English language.Want to craft the best email subject line for your sales offer? Personalize. 

This emotional connection to one’s name is backed by solid science: research proves that emails with personalized subject lines gain a 22% higher open rate compared to non-personalized ones. Of course, personalization goes way beyond the name so you can let your creativity flow (just don’t forget to add a fallback to your email variables). 

Sound natural

Yes, making a sale is your main goal. But establishing strong relationships with leads is the sub-goal that can significantly improve your KPIs for years to come. And it all starts with kind sincerity and natural speech flow. Don’t hesitate to let go of the polished structure and express your gratitude, ask for a meeting or a call, and start a real human conversation with a lead. 

Be fluid with your tone

You are trying to reach out to businesses, so it may seem only a serious tone is advisable. But that’s not quite so. You are reaching out to people, not machines. Be fluid with your tone – try casual and serious, humorous and all-business, but always have the recipient’s preferences in mind. 

Ask a question

The best way to engage the reader is through a question. Start your email subject line with a question to attract the recipients’ attention and provoke a response. Get even better results by using a question that challenges the recipient’s expectations or common knowledge. For example, Do you still think a 3% conversion rate is good?

Use numbers 

Numbers have a tendency to impress. They can also give you a little extra credibility. You have exact data to share (or at least you should have), so why not use it in a subject line? Show the recipient you aren’t just using big words to impress, you can back them up with numbers.

Experiment with the subject line format

Try humor, try mystery, try not trying at all and leave the subject line empty! But always track and analyze the recipients’ reaction. For example, emojis in email have proven to be a reliable way to increase both the open rate (for the subject line) and the CTR (for the email itself) among certain audiences. They also convey more meaning in fewer characters, appeal directly to emotions, and help your emails stand out in the inbox.

Test, test, test

You never know until you try. So why not compose at least two sales subject lines and conduct an A/B test? See which one performs better with your audience, and keep improving. When analyzing, take into consideration every metric detail – opens, replies, unsubscribes, spam report rates, etc, but keep your eyes on the main goal. Make sure you comply with the A/B testing rules to receive correct results.

Need more tips on how to test your email subject lines? Read our recent post to learn the art.

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Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The absolute trend now is using AI for improving content creation process. And you can’t neglect it for subject lines writing. The main benefit of AI is that it does things at scale — so every single person on your email list gets a personalized subject line. Among AI tools you can use for creating subject lines is Automizy, Grade My Email, CoSchedule, etc.

Top 59 best email subject lines for sales in B2B

These email subject line templates will let you see what can work in your niche and give you a framework you can build upon to create your own perfect subject line. These email subject lines can also be used in automated email drip campaigns when you can’t send emails individually. Let’s start with a cold email.

Initial cold email subject line 📬

The first email sent to leads is the most important. You need to compose the email sales subject line the way they open it from the first email. Here are some cold email subject lines for sales in action.

1. 7 tips to {{lead’s_goal}} in 2024
This subject line works because of three reasons: it is short, it contains a double number kick, and it appeals to the lead’s goals. Extra tip: when using numbers in the subject line, choose the ones rounded upwards. 7, 36, 88 work better than 4, 43, 92.

2. We’ve met at {{conference_name}}
Add a personal touch to the subject line. This example shows that you’ve already met at some event, meaning you’re most likely writing with a legit offer you might’ve previously discussed.

3. A proven solution for {{leads_pain_point}}
Using a variable like the one above and an emotional trigger word of trust “proven”, you can boost open rates and provoke a response.

4. Disappointed with {{leads_pain_point}}?
C-c-c-combo! Emotional trigger word “disappointed”, the custom variable of the leads’ pain point, and a question. Works great for any niche! 

5. 9 myths about {{leads_interest}} dispelled
Myths are interesting, and people love to see myths dispelled. This makes them feel ahead of the curve, more knowledgeable than others in their niche. Adding a number just fuels this fire more.

6. An improved tool for {{leads_company_name}}
Personalization always helps. And combined with a power word of trust “improved”, it works even better. It’s also a short subject line example – it’s only 5 words long. 

7. 3 steps to achieve {{leads_goal}}
A personal approach (appealing to the lead’s aspirations) combined with a number is a great option for any campaign.

Follow-up subject line examples 📨

Leads are busy, they may just skip your initial email. Don’t be afraid to write follow-ups! In fact, most conversions happen through follow-ups. We suggest building an email campaign with triggered follow-ups to automate the process and save time.

8. {{leads_name}}, are you open to a 15-min call this week?
A call offer with a determined time frame (this week) and a determined length (15 minutes), supported by the most basic personalization is an easy quick option. Don’t try to smooth it out – it’s really easy to go into unedited template territory, so add some extra details to make the sentence structure more natural. 

9. A terrific tool to help you with {{leads_pain_point}}
Personalization variable with a power word of surprise will arouse interest and push leads to opening a sales email from you. 

10. {{leads_pain_point}}? 4 tools for a successful campaign
If you want to try nurturing approach in a follow-up, use a question, leads’ pain point, and a power word appealing to vanity. Just add a number to make the subject line even more powerful.

11. A fully refundable tool for {{leads_name}}
A fully refundable tool. This is a gread word combination for leads whose main objection is financial. It reassures and puts the power into the lead’s hands, leading to an easier conversion. 

12. Your next steps are as follows
Such subject line for a sales follow-up email takes charge: it guides the lead, shows that are you are ready to resolve any questions before they even arise, and most importantly – it makes it seem like you’ve done all the work and the implementation will be easy.

13. Answers to your questions
If you’ve promised the lead to answer any questions, remind them with a corresponding subject line. This one is a cool example of how you can attract attention to your email just by reminding of a previous connection.

14. 3 secret {{tools_relevant_to_leads_strategy}} to boost sales
Everything is perfect in this email subject line: it is crystal-clear, to-the-point, appeals to lead’s goals, and arouses curiosity through the power word “secret”.

No response subject lines 📩

Hope you’re not going to sit with your arms folded after sending one email, waiting for a late reply that will never come. Always follow-up! Especially if you’ve received no reply. These email subject lines for sales will help you push for a response.

15. Have you changed your mind about {{your_company_name}}?
A subject line-question will call for a response and your company name will remind them of your previous email. Such subject line will either provoke them to open and reply to you or open and unsubscribe. Either way, you will know your next step with this lead. 

16. A special life-time deal for {{leads_name}}
Start building trusting relationships with a “life-time” power word. Everybody loves the bargain that is LTDs, and offering one to your lead is your best bet to provoke an action from a passive prospect. If you can create a custom LTD for your lead’s business, do it – such approach is especially popular when dealing with the whales.

17. Would you like to try {{your_company_name}} for free?
Free always sells. You may be offering your usual free trial, but this subject line will position your offer as an exclusive opportunity that doesn’t come along that often.

18. 9 facts about what {{your_company_name}} can do for you
Tell your leads more about what your company is capable of. The word “facts” will evoke trust, and the email with this subject line will position you as a great choice and separate you from competitors.

19. Did you know this about {{leads_interest}}?
Such question arouses curiosity and sparks the desire to open your email. And if you address the leads pain point(s) in it, they will have an even bigger desire to find out how you can help them.

Asking for a meeting or a call ☎️

Scheduling a call is a great way to tell leads more about your product and prepare a special demo to demonstrate your service. There are two emails you’ll need to send in this case – a call/meeting invitation and the confirmation.

20. {{leads_name}}, will we meet this week?
If you want to make an appointment or schedule a call, always address people by their names. Doing so via a question you’ll have a higher chance to get a reply.

21. Meeting invitation for {{leads_name}}
If you prefer statements, you can use it too. Just don’t forget to personalize.

22. {{leads_company_name}} & {{your_company_name}} promised call reminder
Once the call is scheduled, send a reminder. Put the lead’s company or name first and use emotional trigger words (“promised”) to increase opens when necessary.

23. A scheduled call for {{leads_name}}
This one is an alternative to the previous subejct line if there’s a high chance the email will be opened on a mobile, just because it’s shorter and is guaranteed to be displayed in full. 

Examples by company type 🏭

The B2B email marketing examples below are just a few mainly used by SaaS platforms, IT small companies, etc. Though, you can modify them a bit and use them for any niche or business.

24. {{your_company_name}} + {{leads_name}} = a safe road to success
This email subject line works for B2B sales because it is personalized, short, and motivational: use it to get the recipients to open the email and evaluate the possibility of developing a business relationship with your company. 

25. {{your_company_name}} knows 3 secrets to {{leads_company_name}}’s growth
This email subject line suits small businesses and startups. With a bit of a “secret”, you arouse curiosity and spark desire to open an email to see how you can impress the recipient.

26. Your {{leads_niche}} service needs this
The template itself drives a desire to see what’s inside. And as usual, the use of the leads’ niche show’s that you know who you’re talking to. Plus, it’s perfectly short. Use it if you are a startup, a small business, or a SaaS. 

27. Every {{leads_job_position}} needs this tool
This template works wonders for SaaS marketing. Short, intriguing, personalized. 

28. Need to grow sales at {{leads_company_name}}?
Use this sales email subject line to intrigue the recipients and let them answer your very first question with a “Yes!” After all, who doesn’t want to grow their sales? 

29. {{leads_company_name}} can sell even more with {{your_company_name}}
Ad agencies, small-size businesses, startups, and SaaS will easily establish trusted relationships by means of such a personalized template with a bit of involvement.

Personalized subject lines 🎯

Personalization is not just about the leads’ names. You can use literally any data you have on your leads: the company name, size, lead’s pain points, goals, industry, etc. Here are some personalized B2B email marketing subject line examples. 

30. {{leads_company_name}} can benefit from a collaboration with {{your_company}}
A promise of a benefit should be just enough to make the lead open your email. 

31. You can reach {{leads_goal}} in 3 steps
This email subject line combines the already familiar effective elements – the personal pronoun you, the lead’s goal (so you’ve done your research), and the number of steps to reach it (so you have it all thought out). The lead will expect this email to be detailed, promising, and intriguing enough to lead to a conversion right away.

32. How to overcome {{leads_pain_point}}
How to is an everlasting win-win option. With this template, you show your interest in the lead’s success and create a need for more info. And all this in under half a dozen words! 

33. 8 proven tips to become the best in {{leads_niche}} as a {{company_type}} company
The power combination “become the best” is just the extra support you need in a subject line that will also show you’ve researched the lead’s niche and know their difficulties as a company belonging to a specific type (for example, a SaaS or a startup). 

34. An important thing you need to know as a {{leads_position}}
If you know the lead has just started on this job position, you can use it to play on their inexperience or desire to improve. This data will be available to you if you find leads on LinkedIn.

35. Are you a {{leads_position}}? Don’t miss this tool
Of course, you know who the lead is. What you are doing is trying to play on their FOMO.

36. Shall we meet at {{conference_name}}?
You may be looking to meet with your lead in real life, and of course conferences are the perfect opportunity for this. Such subject lines show a great open and reply rate as most companies are interested in building new connections at such events. Don’t miss your chance! 

Experimental subject lines 💡

B2B sales email subject lines are usually reserved, serious, and truly professional. Anyway, your recipients are not machines, they are humans who love humor and a human-like approach. So why not add a bit of fun and emojis to your sales subject lines?

37. {{testimonials_case_story}} were just like you. Then we improved their sales by 35%
You can use this subject line for an email presenting a case study relevant to the lead’s niche. Giving exact numbers will also make the lead thoroughly read your email if not sign up for a demo right away.

38. Glad you’re back after a nice vacation ⛱️ Now let’s improve your {{KPI}}
We’ve all been in a position of trying to open communication only to receive a PTO auto-reply. Why not use it! Welcome the lead back after their time off with some good news on how you can help them. Remember, their inbox will be overfilled, so try using an emoji (if appropriate) to stand out.

39. A special 🎁 for {{leads_company_name}}
As mentioned before, emojis can give your email open rate a boost when used right. Companies like AppSumo are known for their fantastic pun-ny subject lines with emojis, so this might just be something your own emails have been missing.

40. Forget everything you know about {{leads_pain_point}}
Wait what? Forget everything I dedicate my work to solving? I’ve got to know what’s up. Intriguing email subject lines can come off a little clickbaity, but if you can support them with some really great content in the email itself, go for it!

41. Hello, {{your_leads_name}}, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again…
I think I’m not the only one who sings these words every Monday instead of simply reading them. If your lead’s company name is a two-syllable word, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to try this one out.

42. Stop paying us!
I love provocative email subject lines. In moderation, these can help break the ice and finally get an open or reply from those few silent leads.

43. Your business can prosper without your sales team
And how are we going to sell without our sales team? you may think. Open the email and find out. 

Subject lines based on B2B personality types 📝

Every person is unique, that’s true. But we all share certain personality traits that allow us to create a few distinct groups and communicate with leads more efficiently. That’s exactly why every business creates buyer personas

There are four main B2B personality types based on which you can create the best subject lines for sales to grab the lead’s attention:

Type 1. Assertive

Self-confident and goal-oriented, they look for data, analytics, and straight answers. Their #1 goal is exact results. When they have information, they are fast decision-makers. Assertives do not ask questions, they prefer declaratives.

How to sell to Assertives

  • Stay professional at all times
  • Give complete answers. No half-way answers will satisfy their needs.
  • Get to-the-point. Assertives are not good listeners and won’t read long texts. 
  • Not just tell them about your offer. Demonstrate how Assertives will benefit.
  • Provide numbers. If you promise growth, state how big based on existing customers.
  • Set emotions away: you have higher chances to impress Assertives with ROI improvement from a testimonial than with an inspirational story.

Sales subject line examples for Assertives:

44. Want to improve {{company_name}}’s MRR by 50% in a month?

45. Save 8 hours a week with an all-in-one automation tool

46. By 2024, you will save $1,458. 

47. Your savings can grow by 75% in just 6 months.

Type 2. Amiable

This type of lead is calm and reserved, appreciates interpersonal relationships, loves informal conversations, and works on winning the respect of others. Prone to listening to every team member’s opinion, they are slow decision-makers. 

How to sell to Amiables

  • Address emotional rather than rational: Amiables will gladly listen to why some of your current customers came to you and what they appreciate about your product.
  • As they are slow decision-makers, you can lead them through the sales funnel from A to Z, so you’ll have a higher chance to gain them as brand fans.
  • Get ready to build not just professional relationships with Amiables but personal, too. This makes them feel safe and they can become more flexible in their decisions.
  • They are not fire-eaters so give them guarantees that they are safe with your company.  

Sales subject line examples for Amiables:

48. You are not the only one who wants to succeed 

49. Disappointed with {{leads_problem}}? {{testimonials_name}} had the same problem

50. Can I help you with {{leads_problem}}? 

51. I can share the secret of our success to help {{company_name}} grow

Type 3. Expressive

This type of lead is close to Amiable: they value friendship and want to stay personally connected even with partners. They are convinced in their truth and will do everything to persuade others. 

How to sell to Expressives

  • Do not concentrate on numbers and data: appeal to emotions rather than the rational.
  • Present case studies and describe the way your product or service has helped others. Expressives are more likely to react positively to such content. 
  • Emphasize that you appreciate long-term business relationships and are searching for them only.
  • To reach success with Expressives and gain their buyer’s attention, you need to constantly ask summarising questions, for example: “So you need a scheduling feature to send emails automatically?”

Sales subject line examples for Expressives:

52. A buyer persona image will make your business thrive

53. Stay ahead of your competitors with an automation tool

54. We know how you can connect with your leads

55. {{your_company_name}} knows how you can benefit from automation

Type 4. Analytic

Just as Amiables, they are slow decision-makers but unlike Amiables they love exact numbers and analysis. They will research you in full before replying to your email so get ready for a bunch of tricky questions they will want to get answers to. 

How to sell to Analytics

  • Prepare for a long sales process. Analytics will first research your service thoroughly and will ask you thousands of questions before coming to a decision.
  • Go into details as much as possible as they appreciate data. If you state that you have helped dozens of businesses, provide the exact number of companies you’ve helped and other relevant details: e.g. We’ve helped 10 companies grow their MRR by up to 25% in just under 6 months..
  • Do not rush them: this won’t just annoy them, but can change their minds completely and make them refuse your services half-way through the negotiations.

Sales subject line examples for Analytics:

56. Buyer persona development is the top pain point for 47% of businesses

57. Double your lead base starting at $29  

58. 1,000% reply rate growth: check out {{case_study}} to learn how you can improve your KPIs

59. With this tool, you will sell twice as much at half the cost

Want more subject lines?

Email subject lines are the first thing your leads see. Make sure your sales subject lines correspond to your leads’ needs and type if you want to grow you open and reply rates. Hope these 59 B2B email subject lines for sales gave you enough inspiration and tips to work with.

Want more email subject lines? Sign up for free account to get access to dozens of email templates complete with personalization variables written by our best copywriters and curated by our sales. 

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