Top 12 Email Deliverability Tools For Your Confident Email Outreach

Top 12 Email Deliverability Tools For Your Confident Email Outreach

In the Ultimate Guide to Email Deliverability, we’ve already discussed what email deliverability is, why you need to regularly monitor it, and looked through the process of email deliverability audit from the inside out (if you haven’t read our guide yet, just do it). 

But there’s something else a business email sender needs to know… and have on hand – special tools that will help keep email deliverability high-top. 

Last time I only mentioned some of them. In this post, I suggest we talk about email deliverability software more precisely so you can choose your personal toolset and boost your email-sending confidence. 

So, what is an email deliverability tool?

Email deliverability tool definition

Email deliverability tool is software that helps businesses optimize email campaigns to improve deliverability rates and inbox placement. 

Email deliverability tool features

Email deliverability tools provide features such as technical email setup, email warm-up, bounce rate and email engagement tracking, DMARC reporting, recipient validation, sender reputation management, ready-made templates, and other guidance — all to increase your inbox placement. 

As a rule, email deliverability software integrates with email marketing and testing tools. It can also be a part of more sophisticated marketing automation platforms that offer abundant features for growing email deliverability and enhancing overall email marketing performance.

Email deliverability tool features

Why use an email deliverability tool?

The top reason for using an email deliverability tool is that it helps you land right in the recipient’s Inbox, avoiding Spam and Promotions tabs. With it, you can:

  • Set up your email account so it becomes more email service provider friendly.
  • Understand what actions of yours as a sender trigger spam filters and improve them.
  • Keep your sender reputation and email deliverability optimal thanks to analytics and timely suggestions.

Email deliverability software not only automates the processes and ensures high inbox placement but also provides guidance on becoming a confident and professional email sender. 

Top 12 tools to optimize your email deliverability 

Now let’s discuss the best tools to grow your email deliverability based on the features I mentioned at the beginning of the post. 

As you’re reading the blog, you might be curious whether this service can assist you in growing your deliverability. It surely can! Here’s how.

Known as an all-in-one platform for sales automation and a free CRM with an integrated email outreach service, has recently launched a new feature – Email Warm-up – that is bound to help email senders grow email deliverability no matter how old their email account is.

The tool allows you to choose your settings and warm-up strategy, automatically sends and replies to emails on your behalf, imitates real conversations thanks to the AI-powered mechanism, and unspams your emails to ensure perfect inbox placement. As a result, you can already enjoy your email deliverability improvement after 2-3 weeks of warm-up.

How else can I use to improve email deliverability?

Apart from the warm-up functionality, offers an email verification tool that checks your email list for validity and guarantees you’re not sending emails to non-existing addresses, preventing you from bounces, low delivery rate, and damaged reputation. 

On top of that, has a collection of templates tailored for your email content optimization – a thing often overlooked, though crucial for email deliverability. pricing offers a forever-free plan so that you can test its functionality and find your pace. The basic paid plan starts at $39/month and includes a big package of features: Email Warm-up, Email Verifier, Email Finder, Email Drip Campaigns, and a free CRM.

Email Warm-up done right!

Say goodbye to spam. Warm up your email and always land in the Inbox.

Email Warm-up Done Right



Mail-tester is one of the most popular tools to check how well your email account is prepared for hitting the user’s Inbox. The service analyzes your email message to ensure each element of your email campaign favors high deliverability. All you need to do is send an email from your domain to the unique email address generated by Mail-tester. 

Upon receiving your email, the tool will rate your email deliverability on a scale from 1 to 10 and provide you with a detailed report, displaying your SpamAssassin rating, informing you whether you’re properly authenticated, and showing you how your message can be improved. 

How else can I use Mail-tester to improve email deliverability?

Mail-tester checks whether your SPF and DKIM are set up and valid. You can do this quick analysis without sending an email by simply entering your domain name and DKIM Selector right on the Mail-tester’s website.

Mail-tester pricing

Mail-tester is a free tool for manual testing. You don’t need to create an account. If you wish to integrate test results into your application or have a list of all tests performed within the last 30 days, you’ll need to make an account. The basic price for 500 tests, in this case, is around $50.



MxToolbox is a complex solution for email deliverability issues. It’s easier to say what tests the tool doesn’t perform than what tests it runs. By default, the service will let you look up MX records against any given domain. But you can run dozens of tests such as SPF record, DMARC, DKIM lookup, Blacklist Check, and more.

The Email Health Check will execute hundreds of domain/email/network performance tests to ensure your systems are online and performing optimally. The report will then highlight critical areas for your domain that need to be resolved, including blacklist, mail server, web server, and DNS issues.

How else can I use MxToolbox to improve email deliverability?

MxToolboxl can do an email header analysis for you, checking your email headers for readability. Simply paste your email header, and the tool will do the rest.

MxToolbox pricing

MxToolbox offers a free plan, though it’s limited to blacklist monitoring only. If you want to run other tests, you can choose between two paid plans – Delivery Center at $129/month for monitoring 5 domains and 500 messages or Delivery Center Plus at $399/month for monitoring 5 domains and 5,000,000 messages. 



Litmus cares about your email deliverability by running pre-send email testing for you. The tool checks links, images, and other critical elements to optimize your email for more opens and conversions. 

Additionally, Litmus does spam testing. It checks your email infrastructure (DKIM, SPF, and DMARC records), analyzes IP addresses and domain names against common blacklists, scans your email across popular spam filters, and provides practical advice on how to fix issues and improve your email deliverability, so you can generate the best possible results.

Litmus pricing

Litmus doesn’t have a free plan but offers a 7-day free trial for you to test its features. The basic pain plan costs $79/month. 



Folderly is an all-in-one platform for boosting your email deliverability. With this tool, you can easily run an email deliverability audit, whereby it analyzes your domain and mailbox performance and health scores, helps you improve email authentication, runs blacklist scans, and provides recommendations on how to fix and prevent any email delivery-related issues.

Additionally, with Folderly, you can test your inbox placement to see where your emails land – in Inbox, Promotions, or Spam – and look into the content of your cold email templates for spam trigger words.

How else can I use Folderly to improve email deliverability?

Folderly also offers an email warm-up tool to prepare your fresh domain to hit the Inbox. Boasting advanced email warm-up algorithms, it promises to make you a credible email sender within just 2 weeks.

Folderly pricing

Folderly doesn’t offer free options. You can either buy its features separately (Email Warm-Up will cost you $49/month, while for Email Deliverability Test, you’ll need to pay $129/month) or purchase a single Cold Email Outreach package at $200/month, which will include all features for improving email deliverability.

Sender Score

Sender Score

Sender Score is the tool for checking your sender reputation. Although there’s nothing extraordinary about this service, the solution is absolutely free and copes with its basic functions well: it evaluates your domain reputation based on such factors as email volume, the number of complaints, external reputation, rejected messages, and more.

You just need to enter your IP address and company information, and the tool will generate your sender score (from 0 to 100) based on how mailbox providers view your IP address. 

If your sender score is below 70, you need to repair your sender reputation. A score from 70 to 80 means you should continue following industry best practices and optimizing your email program. A score above 80 indicates your sender reputation is great. 

Sender Score pricing

Sender Score is a free tool.



InboxAlly engages with your emails, pulls them out of the Spam and Promotions folders, and directs them into the primary Inbox. You can monitor engagement in real-time, track the progress of getting out of the Spam folder, and be sure your email deliverability is growing with every passing day.

How else can I use InboxAlly to improve email deliverability?

With InboxAlly, you can also warm up your new domain or IP address or repair a damaged sender domain.

InboxAlly pricing

InboxAlly offers a free trial. The basic paid plan starts at $149/month.



GlockApps is a multifunctional email deliverability service that includes a variety of tools to boost your inbox placement. You can check your email deliverability and get a report of any potential issues harming it, monitor your domain and IP against 50+ industry blacklists, analyze DMARC to prevent spoofing and phishing from your domain, run automatic inbox tests, and get notified if your email goes to spam.

How else can I use GlockApps to improve email deliverability?

GlockApps can also analyze the content of your email copy and HTML. If you notice any HTML errors, you can use the tool’s template editor to fix the most common HTML issues. Finally, GlockApp will provide you with recommendations on how you can optimize your email for higher deliverability. 

GlockApps pricing

GloskApps allows running 3 email spam tests for free. The basic paid plan costs $59/month.



Calling itself “Email Sandbox Service,” Mailtrap offers actionable ways to test your email power before you start sending real email campaigns. The tool automates test flows and scenarios with its flexible API and analyzes email content for spam. You can send emails to Mailtrap directly from your CRM or email-sending service, simulate real campaigns, and see how the major providers treat your emails. 

After a 5-minute setup, you’ll be able to test emails safely, with zero maintenance and no risk of spamming real users.

Maitrap pricing

Mailtrap has a forever-free plan that offers basic functionality for personal use. Paid plans start from $9.99/month.



Unspam is an email deliverability tool that checks whether your IP and domain has been blacklisted, analyzes your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC settings, and does many other checks, similarly to Mail-tester. The service gives you a test email address; you send your email message and get a detailed report about major deliverability issues. 

How else can I use Unspam to improve email deliverability?

You can use Unspam for your email content optimization – the tool allows you to preview your emails for every device, platform, and OS, checks emails for broken links, and, most importantly, provides recommendations on how to improve your email copy for better deliverability thanks to the Eye-Tracking Prediction Heat Map feature.

Unspam pricing

Unspam offers a free plan for 3 tests, previews, and heatmaps per month. The basic paid plan will cost you $9/month.

Email Subject Line Grader

Email Subject Line Grader

A well-written email subject line can favor deliverability by grabbing the attention of your email readers and not spam filters. If you need a specific tool to help you optimize your email subject lines, try Email Subject Line Grader from Net Atlantic. It’s free and easy to use! 

You just need to type in your subject line, and the service will generate a quick report showing you its length, readability, and recommendations for improving it. 

Email Subject Line Graber pricing

The tool is free.

If you need actionable tips on how to craft an email subject line that would convert, I recommend peeping into our Best Email Subject Lines for Sales blog post.

How to choose your email deliverability toolset?

With so many tools available, you might ask: how to choose the right email deliverability toolset? 

You’ll hardly find a service that would do everything for you: warm up your domain, send test emails, track your sender score, check technical setup, run a spam check, verify your email list, and so on. 

And thinking about the main goal – why do you actually need it all (to send irresistible email campaigns, of course) – the choice becomes even harder. You need a tool that will be a reliable email marketing solution that cares about your email deliverability. is one such service. It helps you collect your email addresses, validate them, warm up your email account for higher sender reputation and email deliverability, create and send email sequences, and manage your marketing/sales/PR/link-building/recruiting campaigns under a single roof. 

If you use with, let’s say, a free Mail-tester tool for checking your technical setup, conducting spam analysis, and optimizing email content, you’ll get an affordable combo for high deliverability and confident email sending at only $39/month. 

And let’s not forget that CRM will be your free addition no matter how many email addresses you wish to collect, how advanced your email warm-up strategy is, and how many emails you send daily.

May all your emails hit the Inbox!


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