How to send your drip campaign emails as one thread

Wondering how to stack your follow-ups into a single Gmail thread? It can be done pretty easily. Your emails can be grouped by conversation, so if you want them to appear in your recipient’s inbox as one thread, here’s what you have to do:

1. Create the desired email sequence with multiple emails.

2. Fill in the subject line and the email body of the first email of the thread (aka the email with the subject line you want repeated in the emails that follow). 

3. The emails that follow this email will be the follow-ups that appear in the thread.

When you leave the subject line of an email empty, it will be grouped with and be under the subject line of the email that goes before it.

Please note:

1. Make sure you leave the subject lines in the follow-up emails empty – this is a crucial detail. Gmail will treat the following emails as follow-ups, and stitch them together into one thread. All the follow-ups will have the subject line Re: [the initial subject line] and will be displayed in the thread under the initial subject line. A thread can start with the first email of the campaign or any other email in the sequence.

2. You can add custom and system variables into both the subject line and the email itself.

3. If you want your emails to be sent separately, simply give every email in the campaign its own subject line.

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