How To Find Someone’s Email Address: 12 Easy Ways

How To Find Someone’s Email Address

You don’t need to use all your connections to find the email address of the person.

You don’t even need to spend a considerable amount of time, money, and effort on it.

All you need to do is to find your perfect email search tool or method.

And we will help you with that!

In this post, you’ll get a list of 11 easy ways to find email addresses, from simple to advanced, from free address lookup tools to paid ones. It will be useful to everyone, especially sales professionals who look for potential leads and marketing specialists who look for prospective partners and media.

Use an email finder tool

There are so many options for finding email addresses using services in 2024, you might get confused while choosing. But don’t worry. To make your life a bit easier, we’ve selected several free and paid tools that we recommend, for any taste and budget! Email Finder

Pricing: 150 free searches per month available on a forever free plan. Paid plans start at $39 for 1,000 single domain searches or 500 bulk domain searches. 

Paid email address lookup

We’ve almost put it in the list of free address lookup tools!

If you need no more than 50 email addresses per month, this platform is a good match for you. And here’s why:

About the tool. offers both individual and bulk searches by name and domain. You can find emails by company profiles, URLs, on different social media and search engines by using a Chrome extension or a web app.

But there’s more to it!

This easy-to-use Email Finder comes with an inbuilt Email Verifier, Email Drip Campaigns, free CRM, and a lot of other tools offered on the same platform.

You can use them for free or on paid plans. For example, on an S plan, in addition to finding prospects you need, you can verify up to 2,000 addresses and send emails to 5,000 recipients. 

If this is not enough, there are others plans with more advanced functionalities (M, L, XL, XXL).

email finder 

Pricing: from $29 per month for 1,000 searches.

Paid email address lookup

About the tool. You can search for email addresses through both the browser extension or your account on the service website. Fill in all the fields — the person’s first name, last name, and domain — and enjoy the results!

In addition to a single email search, you can upload a list of addresses in a CSV format and find multiple addresses at once. 

Voila Norbert

Pricing: from $49 per month for 1,000 searches. Free trial available for 50 searches.

Voila Norbert

Here, you pay $10 more and get the same number of searches as with Email Finder.

About the tool. With this email search service, you can find any corporate email address by filling in the prospect’s first name, last name, and domain (pretty much the same procedure as with other platforms).

Norbert sends a signal to the mail host to verify email addresses. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting incorrect contact details.

Available as a Chrome extension and a web app, the tool is easy to use in your work routine. Besides, it also includes integrations with most major email marketing services, CRMs, and blogging tools.


Pricing: from $49 per month for 500 searches. 25 searches per month available on a free plan.


About the tool. is a Chrome extension and web app that helps you find all emails on a specific domain. To do this, you can either enter the domain into the web app or use the Chrome extension to fetch all addresses from the website you are currently visiting.

If you want a complete list of all contacts in a particular company, can help you.

Free email address lookup 

If you don’t have the names of the companies’ representatives you are interested in, then first you need to find more information about them. 

Use Crunchbase.

This website will help you find data on digital companies and startups with a detailed listing of key individuals’ names and positions worldwide. Although you won’t get a list of emails, there are links to LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Just write the company name in the Current Organization field and get a list of key people and info about them.

Free email address lookup

See a person who you think is perfect to reach out to? Click their name, get an overview of them, and find links to their social media accounts.

Free email address lookup

When the names of the employees of the company you are interested in are in your hands, you can move on to search generators like Email Address Guesser.

All you need to do is enter First Name, Last Name, and Domain, and you’ll get a list of possible email address combinations of the leads you are into.

Let’s try finding my address. Here it is:

Free email address lookup

Besides, you can use a similar email guesser — Email Permutator. Same functionality with a cute design! 

Try search engines like DuckDuckGo

Surprisingly, few people know about this method of finding contacts, but it’s pretty good.

Searching for an exact match to “” in DuckDuckGo will give you results for any public email addresses attached to the domain.


You can include your prospect’s name in your search if you want to reach out to someone specific or just run a domain search.

Note: This trick can work with some other search engines like Yahoo! but it won’t work in Google and Bing. The reason is that they use “@” for social media tags.

Crawl through WHOIS data

WHOIS data is used in domain registration and is publicly available, giving you information about who owns the domain. By law, anyone with a website must provide their contact details. 

Just go to,, or and search the domain of the email you’re looking for.

WHOIS data

Note: This option is more suitable for small websites, something like author blogs. If you use WHOIS to find contacts from larger sites, you may not get what you are looking for. A person could buy this domain and give it to their team for use.

Look up in Google

Yes, we’ve previously mentioned that exact match domain search won’t work in Google, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find email addresses with its help!

Here’s how free email search works here: just try typing the person’s name and adding the words “mail,” “contacts,” or “contact me” to it. If you know their website, launch a Google search by typing “site: site_name and name”.

There are a few other handy search queries:

  • [firstname] [lastname] email
  • [firstname] [lastname] contact 
  • [firstname] [lastname] [company] email/contact
  • [firstname] [lastname] email/contact site:[]


Leverage Twitter Advanced Search

Such a method works great but is not always effective, as quite a lot of your prospects would probably not post their personal information on their Twitter profiles.

You can check whether the lead you are looking for has left tweets that mention their email address using Twitter Advanced Search. Some of the search terms may include “email,” “reach,” “contact,” as well as “at” and “dot.”

Let’s try to find the email address of the leading sales strategist, the head of Score More Sales, Lori Richardson. 

How to find someone using Twitter Advanced Search

How to find someone using Twitter Advanced Search

As you can see in the screenshot above, all you need to do is to fill in the All of these words and From these accounts fields.

In just 5 seconds, we found Lori’s email.

Twitter Advanced Search

Use subscription forms

If the contacts you want to connect with have a blog site and a subscription form, then what are you waiting for? 🙂

Subscribe for updates, like we did when visiting Ahrefs website. 

subscription form

Most emails in this case usually come from personal mail. And we are convinced of the effectiveness of this method, having received an email from the personal address of the representative of the company, Joshua Hardwick (Head of Content).

subscription form

Fill in contact forms

Big companies often have either a contact form on their website or a list of email addresses for inquiries (e.g., These incoming messages are usually handled by customer support agents or assistants.

website form

Use Ahrefs Content Explorer

Right off the bat, this is not a free method! It will cost you from $99 per month, but there’s a free trial period of 7 days.

Go to Content Explorer and find a topic that interests you. If the author is listed in the article, it will show their name. Then you need to export the received data to a file, where you will see the author’s name in the corresponding column. You can extract the domain from the URL of the article.

Let’s take a look at the example. 

Say, you’re promoting lead generation software. Go to Content Explorer and run the query. Here’s what you get:

Content Explorer

The authors are not listed in some cases, but you can still find useful contacts. 

Next, you need to export the received data by clicking Export in the upper right corner.

Content Explorer

In the file, you will see the names of the authors. All that’s left to do is to get the domain using the formula you can find in the screenshot below.

Content Explorer
Source: Ahrefs

Now you have the names and domains, but still no email addresses. 

What to do next? Use Email Permutator or Email Address Guesser to generate an email address (free tools we’ve talked about earlier).

Look up on Facebook

On Facebook, you can often find descriptions and posts like “If you are interested in our job offer, write to the head of the department at” They also mention specific employees, which automatically creates a link to their Facebook profiles.


Find contacts with HARO

HARO is a free service that lets you get answers from industry specialists to questions that interest your target audience. But how do you get email addresses with its help?

It’s very simple. Ask a question on HARO, and all the pitches will land straight in your Inbox. 

How to find contacts with HARO

Find contacts of media employees with Pressfarm

The Pressfarm website contains emails of journalists from the largest US publications. The service has recently been updated and now, in addition to addresses, it also shows profiles on social networks. 

There are 500+ PR/mass media outlets and 75,000+ reporters and bloggers in the database.

How to find contacts of media employees with Pressfarm

On the downside, there’s no free version. To use Pressfarm, you need to pay $90 per month.

Look up on Slideshare

Slideshare is a service companies and public figures use to upload their presentations from webinars and conferences. In the last slide, as a rule, you can find a personal email.

How to find email addresses on Slideshare

Why is it so important to find the right email address?

Your email outreach doesn’t end here. It’s important to verify your database, especially if you’ve searched for email addresses free of charge. 

Sending emails to nonexistent or outdated addresses is not only a waste of effort. You risk being blacklisted by mail servers and can end up with a damaged sender reputation.

Besides, any company that sends bulk mailings needs to validate the contact database from time to time. Think about it, an increase in the number of bad email addresses on your list by just 1% can decrease your deliverability by 10%.

But we got your back! There are special services for checking emails — email validators (aka verifiers). 

Such email verification tools will help you communicate with interested parties. This leads to higher open rates, more sales, increased brand awareness, and higher conversion rates. At the same time, you aren’t damaging the reputation of your domain, and your emails will always be delivered.

One of those tools is Email Verifier, which has a 7-tier verification process that includes catch-all, syntax, gibberish, domain existence, MX record, and freemail checks, as well as SMTP authentication. 

Read more about this tool and its alternatives here.

email verifier

Wrapping up

That’s it! Now you know 12 useful ways to find someone’s email address. Try different options and find the one that works best for you.

It’s worth noting that, of course, the best trick here is to use email finders (we might be a bit biased here). Why? Most of them also provide email verification that can save you from getting in trouble.

Do it together with Email Finder, and we,, will help you with that.

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