Best Email Verification Services of 2024: Prices And Features

Best email verification services compared

Can’t choose an email verifier best suited for your needs? Looking for a comprehensive email verifier tool comparison? Want to find a tool with the best accuracy, price, and feature set? Look no further, because we’ve created this guide just for you. We will compare multiple parameters like price, free plans, verification methods, databases, APIs, browser extensions, additional tools, and tech support.

What is an email verifier?

Email verifier is a tool that allows checking a single email address or bulk email lists for being existent and valid. It may be represented as a desktop tool or an online service. The latter is more popular nowadays as it does not require using your IP address (you may run the process using different servers) and is easy to support or update.

The performance of every email verifier is based on specific inbound algorithms, which call for several steps of the email verification process. The most common among them are syntax, domain, catch-all, MX record checks, as well as email address ping. Email verifier helps control any changes within your contacts, keeping your email list clean.

email verifier

Types of email verifiers

Email testers come in many forms and sizes, so it’s not hard to choose an email verification service based on your needs and business type.

Software email verifiers

Software email verifiers, like AtomPark, can be a good solution for larger businesses where one person will be in charge of lead list management, including verification. Besides, companies consistently working with large volumes of emails will also benefit from such email verifiers.

The pros are obvious: one-time payment, unlimited email verifications, and complete ownership of databases. However, there are quite a few cons to software email verifiers: update installment, need for backups (i.e., no automatic cloud storage), access limited to a single device, no integrations, as well as PC and OS requirements. 

SaaS (software as a service) email checkers

SaaS email checkers, like, offer a cloud-based system. It lets you work right from the browser with all the data saved in the cloud and all the processing performed there. SaaS solutions usually use a subscription model with monthly limits on email verifications. Still, they always offer a variety of freemiums and plans to fit any budget

Such a model is perfect for those who don’t need to test emails all the time and are looking for a pay-as-you-go or one-time solution. Other advantages include unlimited access to your account and database from anywhere in the world and any device, teamwork options, no restrictions in OS, and APIs. 

Besides, often, SaaS email checkers are part of an all-in-one toolbox offered within one subscription. For example, an email verifier offered by comes as a part of the email finder/verifier/sender/tracker bundle, all offered within a single plan, free or paid. 

It’s important to note that both email verifier types usually offer single email verification and bulk email verification. If you can’t seem to find a form of an email verifier that suits you, it’s a good idea to contact the verification service of your choice to find out what custom options they offer.

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We chose 7 of the most trusted email verifiers on the market. All of them are quite well known and used by millions of marketing and sales specialists worldwide. We chose the final seven by googling the most common keywords, such as email verifier, email verification, email checker, etc. This is what anyone looking for a verifier tool would do, and these are the results they would see. 

Please note, we are not going to mention free email verifiers. They usually don’t allow bulk email verification or check by simple parameters only (syntax errors, for example).

Let’s take a look at the competition:

1. Email Verifier is an easy-to-use tool with an inbuilt email finder and email drip campaigns offered on the same platform. With its help, you can clean your email list from invalid emails in a matter of minutes. Besides, it boasts 98% accuracy, increasing your deliverability rate, reducing your bounce rate, and boosting your sender reputation.

snovio email verifier

Some of the key features:

  • Both single and bulk email verification that can be performed right in the email verifier tool
  • 7-tier verification process that includes catch-all address, syntax, gibberish, domain existence, MX record, and freemail checks, as well as SMTP authentication
  • Real-time verification that ensures you’ll receive only fresh results
  • API that allows you to integrate single or bulk email verification into your app or CRM
  • Flexible list import and export that supports CSV, XLSX, and Google Sheets formats
  • Powerful Chrome extension that allows you to verify, generate, and extract email addresses from websites and social networks on the go
  • 100% human Customer Care team that can help you with any question, issue, or request via email, live chat, or phone


  • 100 email addresses per month with a Trial plan
  • 2,000 email addresses per month for $39 (Starter)
  • 10,000 email addresses per month for $99 (Pro5K)
  • 40,000 email addresses per month for $189 (Pro20K)
  • 100,000 email addresses per month for $369 (Pro50K)
  • 200,000 email addresses per month for $738 (Pro100K)

2. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is a leading email validation and checker service used by thousands of businesses worldwide. With its accuracy of 98%, it helps marketers maintain healthier databases, avoid deliverability issues when sending complex and high volume emails, and protect their IP reputation. 

zero bounce

Some of the key features:

  • Abuse email list checker that identifies users that have a history of marking emails as spam
  • Disposable email checker that spots temporary email accounts used to mask real email addresses
  • Email validation API that allows verifying email addresses instantly on your platform
  • Email bounce validator that helps identify which emails are likely to bounce


  • 100 email addresses with freemium plan
  • 2,000 email addresses for $16
  • 10,000 email addresses for $65
  • 100,000 email addresses for $390

3. Hunter

This email verification tool is available as a part of the lead generation platform that comes with an email finder and a mail tracker. With this toolset, you can find all the needed emails and reach your customers by sending campaigns to valid addresses.


Some of the key features:

  • Both single and bulk email verification (for the latter – upload your file in the dashboard)
  • API verifications that let you integrate the verifier with the tools you use to collect emails
  • Multi-tier verification process that checks for the valid format, gibberish email addresses, disposable email addresses, webmail email addresses, presence of MX records, SMTP, and accept-all domain


  • 50 email addresses per month with a freemium plan
  • 500 email addresses per month for $49
  • 2,500 email addresses per month for $99
  • 10,000 email addresses per month for $199
  • 30,000 email addresses per month for $399

4. RocketReach

Rocketreach allows you to find personal and work email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts from their database of over 430 million professionals across 17 million companies. You can get the necessary information from 50+ sites in a single search. 


Some of the key features:

  • Extended API access that helps automate lead generation, contact discovery, and people search
  • Salesforce, Zapier, and other integrations that allow connecting to more than 1000 apps and boost your productivity
  • Google Chrome extension that helps find and verify contacts from Google, AngelList, Crunchbase, and Linkedin


  • 125 lookups per month for $59
  • 300 lookups per month for $119
  • 1,500 lookups per year for $468
  • 10,000 lookups per year for $2388

5. NeverBounce

This tool offers both bulk email list verification and single email verification. It checks emails by removing duplicates and syntax errors, validating mail servers, and spotting if domains are live and if emails have been blacklisted.


Some of the key features:

  • Instant bounce analysis that allows quickly analyzing if your list needs to be cleaned before sending emails.
  • Custom API that helps verify single emails at the point of entry and track your progress with real-time stats.
  • 80+ integrations that allow connecting with popular email marketing tools and help desk software


  • 2,000 email addresses for $16
  • 10,000 email addresses for $50
  • 40,000 email addresses for $200
  • 100,000 email addresses for $400

6. Anymail finder

Anymail Finder is an email finder and email verifier tool that can be used either as a web or API based service. With its help, you can find emails using a prospect’s name and domain on both an individual basis and in bulk.

anymail finder

Some of the key features:

  • No paying for invalid or uncertain emails, as well as duplicates, which helps you save money
  • Chrome extension that lets you upload potential client names right through your browser


  • 90 email addresses with the free trial
  • 1,000 email addresses for $49
  • 5,000 email addresses for $99
  • 10,000 email addresses for $149

7. FindThatLead

Apart from verifying emails, this all-in-one toolset also includes lead search, email sender, social search, and prospector features. As for the verification options, you’ll have access to both bulk and single verifications, as well as email verification API.



  • 50 email addresses per month with a freemium plan
  • 5,000 email addresses per month for $49
  • 18,000 email addresses per month for $150
  • 30,000 email addresses per month for $399

What to consider while choosing an email verifier?

It’s always easy to choose between two options. But the market offers dozens of tools, and that’s where the task becomes complicated. Here are some tips on how to choose the best email tester.

Price per 10,000 email verifications

You might think, “The more you pay, the more you get,” but this is not always the case. Despite often offering the same level of service, the prices set by tools can vary from $50 to $2,000 per 10,000 verifications. Try to find the sweet spot to get the most out of the platform at the most suitable price. 

best email verifiers


If you need an email verifier for an occasional email validity check or you’ve just started an email list of under 100 leads, you may want to look into services that offer freemiums. While tools like offer 100 free email verifications per month, services like only offer 50 checks per month, while Anymail Finder offers 90 email verifications. 

Verification methods

Not all platforms open up about the details of how the verification process is conducted. But you may want to do your research to be sure that the results provided are accurate. However, regardless of the service you choose, it should use SMTP Authentication (aka email ping) for the most accurate results.

Extra tools and features

In 2024, not using tool bundles is a waste of time and effort. Why switch between a dozen tools when you can have them all on a single platform? Fortunately, many email verification services offer complete toolboxes with CRM, email finders, verifiers, senders, and trackers. We’re one of them!

API verification

If you want to incorporate email verification directly into your platform or product, you need an API. This isn’t exactly a must-have for every email verification platform, but it opens up possibilities for email verification in ways you probably haven’t considered before.


Email verification is just one of the steps in organizing your email marketing and sales. And it’s likely that most of your sales and marketing efforts are managed through CRMs and other management platforms. To make the synchronization between platforms easy, it’s important to choose an email checker that is part of the CRM or can be integrated with CRMs like Pipedrive and platforms like Zapier to sync with other automation platforms, calendars, etc.


Working with complex email marketing tools is no walk in the park, and sometimes you will have questions. That’s why support (preferably human) is an important element of every great email verification service. Make sure the tool of your choice offers at least two ways to contact the team if you face any issues or have any questions.


And finally, REVIEWS. You can never truly be sure in the tool until you check real reviews. We recommend looking at platforms like G2 and Capterra that offer instant comparison to competitors, as well as deep insights from real users.


Wrapping it up

Even though all of these email verifier services look similar and do their job pretty well in terms of email verification, they vary a lot in terms of price and features. Some verify emails only, while others offer multiple additional tools and features included in the plan.

If you are looking for an affordable multifunctional solution, Email Verifier is perfect for you. It:

  • Costs just $99 per 10,000 email address verifications.
  • Has a free plan allowing you to verify 100 email addresses per month. 
  • Is a part of the all-in-one lead generation and email marketing platform that allows users to generate leads, verify and manage email lists, send smart email drip campaigns, manage deals, and track results without leaving the dashboard. The $39 plan includes all of the services mentioned above.

It’s not easy to find a tool that is affordable, feature-rich and easy to use, all at the same time. offers everything you need and even more, at an affordable price. Register now for a free monthly plan, download our email verifier extension, or upgrade to get your email marketing off the ground.


  • How often should I test email addresses for validity?

    If you don’t do email list verification regularly, you’ll have the risk of sending emails to contacts that no longer exist. This will increase your bounce rate and negatively affect your sender reputation and email deliverability. So, you need to validate email address lists periodically, especially as soon you notice any issues with email deliverability and sender reputation. A good rule of thumb is to check emails once in two months, but not later than 90 days after your previous email check.
  • How does an email validator work?

    Every email validator, also known as an email verifier, email address checker, or email tester, performs email verification according to the developers’ algorithms. For example, Email Verifier goes through 7 steps of email verification for maximum accuracy:
    • syntax check
    • gibberish check
    • domain existence check
    • MX record check
    • catch-all domain check
    • SMTP authentication (email address ping)
    • free email check
  • What is the best email address checker for bulk verification?

    There are many tools to validate email addresses in bulk on the market. You can choose one from the list we’ve provided in the post. We don’t want to brag, but according to the research results, the email verification tool has proven to be the best tool to test email address lists for validity in bulk. is easy to use, allowing you to clean your email list regularly. In addition, it offers a 7-tier verification process, owing to which you can check email addresses on many parameters. Moreover, the email validator provides a freemium plan and has additional tools and integrations included in the compelling price.

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