How to edit your drip campaign

If your campaign has already been launched, but you want to edit it, you can do it in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Pause your active campaign. 

You can edit your active campaign only if it’s paused.

On the All Campaigns page, click the campaign you want to edit.

In the open window, click the Edit icon. 

Then, in the pop-up window, click Yes to pause and edit your campaign.

You can also pause your campaign directly from the All Campaigns page. Click the three dots (1) and select Pause campaign (2). 

You will now see the Edit option. 

Step 2. Edit your campaign.

Once the Campaign creation window is open, you can start editing your campaign in steps.

In the Sequence step, you can edit, add, or delete any campaign element, including Email, Trigger, Delay, or Goal

For example, in the Email element, you can change the subject line and the email body using the text toolbar. You can also add variables to the subject line and the email body. 

A/B testing feature is available for editing, too, so you can add variants to your emails, edit, or delete them.

To delete an element, click the Delete icon next to it. 

Note: If you want to delete an Email element with recipients, the campaign will stop for them. You’ll see the confirmation notification:

Cancel your action or confirm deleting the campaign element. 

Besides, you can add more Trigger elements, edit their conditions and time, or delete them. You can also change pauses between emails in the Delay element and the Goal name. 

Once ready, click Next.

In the Prospects step, you can choose between two options of what needs to be done when a prospect has a missing variable. Choose the Send it to the To check list option to manually add missing data in the To Check list. Or select the Send campaign anyway option to go with the fallback data. 

Note: If your campaign has already been launched, changing the prospects list is unavailable. Besides, you cannot change sending options for your campaign recipients and exclude Unverified and/or Unverifiable (Risky) emails from your list, if these settings weren’t chosen initially.

In the Sending options step, you can change your sender account (1), select tracking settings (2), or set the campaign schedule (3) and duration (4). 

Note: If you disable the link and open tracking, all further emails will be sent according to the No trigger result flow. 

Step 3. Start the campaign.

Once you edit your campaign, make sure everything is set appropriately in the Review step, and then click the Start button on the bottom panel.

Your email campaign is on its way! You’ll see it on the All Campaigns page as active. 

Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team at or via live chat if you have any questions about Email Drip Campaigns. We’re always here to help!

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