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All you need to know about Email Drip Campaigns: how start a sequence, personalization, A/B tests, metrics, and email deliverability.
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How to preview your emails before sending them
This article describes how to preview your campaign emails before sending them.
Using email variables for personalization
This article describes how to use email variables for personalization in Drip campaigns.
How does the fallback feature work?
How to use the Fallback feature in Drip Campaigns.
Create your drip campaign step-by-step
Step 7. Learn how to create your outreach sequence in
How to view email campaign statistics
Learn how to check the campaign stats for all emails sent within the campaign.
How to edit your drip campaign
Learn how to edit your campaign if it’s already active. 
How to send A/B testing campaigns
Learn about A/B testing campaigns and how to send them.
How to insert an image into an HTML email
Learn how to insert and edit images in your HTML email.
How to insert a GIF into an HTML email
Learn how to insert an animated GIF and make your HTML email look professional and engaging.
How to send HTML email supports HTML coding in emails, and you may easily send an HTML page or newsletter as an email with little effort. Learn how to send your HTML email in
How to use the BCC to CRM feature
Learn how to automatically send a blind carbon copy of outgoing emails to your CRM.
How to add emails/domains to Do-not-email Lists
Learn how to add emails and domains to Do-not-email Lists and never email someone you shouldn't.
How to add a media file to your drip campaign emails
Learn how to add an image to your drip campaign emails.
How to track your campaign replies
Here's how you can track you email drip campaign replies in
FAQ – Email Drip Campaigns
Here are the most frequently asked questions for Email Drip Campaigns.
How to add an unsubscribe link to your drip campaign emails
To reduce the spam complaint rate you can let your recipients unsubscribe from your emails. To do this, you need to add an unsubscribe link to emails.
How to schedule your email drip campaign
When you create a drip campaign on our platform, you can specify the day and time for when you want your emails to be sent.
How to create and use templates Templates will help you save time, stay consistent and increase productivity by offering a variety of email and campaign templates for multiple purposes.

Email Deliverability

How to set up your custom tracking domain
Emails sent through from your email address will use your own domain for tracking unsubscribes, email opens and link clicks.
What are hard and soft email bounces
If you have an active campaign, you might receive an email notification about undelivered campaign emails. These undelivered emails are bounces.
How link tracking affects email deliverability
Link tracking is a great thing when it comes to analyzing email drip campaign performance. After all, knowing the click-through rate is the only way to know just how converting your email copy is.
How to avoid spam filters
Spam (also known as junk email) are unsolicited messages usually sent to a large number of users to spread malware, advertise, or scam the recipients.
How to not get emails labeled as Spam by the recipients
Often, the sender reputation can go down because of the high spam complaint rate. This happens when the recipients send emails to the Spam folder.


How to deal with email blacklists
Learn how to conduct a blacklist check and how to get removed from a blacklist.
Why email drip campaign might not send
Learn why your email drip campaign is not sending and how to fix it.
How to manually fill in missing variables
Learn how to fill in the To-Check tab while building your email drip campaign.
Platform-wide issue with adding new prospects – April 2021 (Resolved)
Since April 27, 2021, has been experiencing platform-wide service issues with all functionality connected to adding of new prospects. Until these issues are resolved, we highly recommend you do not use the affected functionality and save any copies of prospect lists that you have uploaded since then.
How to fix bounce rate issue
Learn why your campaign has been paused by our system and how to restore it.
Common SMTP errors and how to solve them
Can’t send your email campaign because of recurrent error? Here’s the reason it occurs and how to solve the issue. 
Limitations of HTML email
Learn the limitations of HTML email to design your perfect email.
Daily limits for sending emails via with SMTP and Gmail email accounts
Learn the daily limits for sending emails with SMTP and Gmail email accounts.
Failure to log in with a Gmail or Google Workspace account – January 2020 (Resolved)
Check how to log into your account by entering your email and password if you failed to do it.
How to warm up an email account
How to warm up an email account. The importance of taking care of your email reputation before starting a drip campaign and the detailed steps how to do it.
How to send your drip campaign emails as one thread
Wondering how to stack your follow-ups into a single Gmail thread? It can be done pretty easily.