Sending messages to prospects
Sending messages to prospects
Sending messages to prospects
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How to send messages from the web app’s web app email sending feature can help you send email messages to selected prospects right from your contact lists. To use this feature, you need to set up your email account first. Once you’ve set up the sender email account, please follow the next steps: 1. Go to a list where you have prospects […]

How to send an email directly from any website

Looking for a simple way to send a quick message? Found an email address with and want to contact this person instantly? Now you can! It’s very simple. Just choose an email address among those found. And yes, you can send messages in bulk. When you use this feature for the first time, you’ll […]

How to reset your Gmail account validity

If you have noticed that your Gmail account now shows up as invalid – no need to panic, this can be easily fixed. Here are a few simple steps to make it valid again: Step 1 Go to your Gmail account by clicking the little icon in the top right corner of your browser and […]

How to track your outgoing emails inside your Gmail account Email Tracker for Gmail lets you stay updated on your emails’ performance. Here’s how to use it in a few simple steps: 1. Install Email Tracker extension Find our extension on Chrome Web Store. Click the Add to Chrome button. Refresh the page if you’re already on your Gmail account page. 2. Enable tracking […]

How to track your campaign replies

There are many ways you can view replies in Email Drip Campaigns. Replied status allows you to see: Replies overview for the whole campaign The campaign reply rate (in %) Replies for a specific email in a sequence The number of recipients who have replied The percentage of recipients who replied (to a specific […]

Limits and statuses for Email Drip Campaigns tool

How much does the Email Drip Campaigns tool cost? How many emails can I send using Email Drip Campaigns? What is a recipient? What if I have more recipients than my current plan allows? What will happen with the unused slots after upgrading my plan? How do I track open and click-through rate, and other […]

How to observe email campaign statistics

All the campaign statistics are conveniently collected on one page. Go to the Email Drip Campaigns tab and click on the title of the campaign to view them: Here you will see the statistics page for all emails sent within the campaign and the campaign as a whole.You will see: The total number of the […]

How to send automated triggered email campaigns with

With Email Drip Campaigns tool you can create automated, multi-sequence, triggered email campaigns. This will save you a lot of time by automating follow-ups, as well as offer detailed analysis of every campaign, helping group your leads by their place in the sales funnel. To learn how to send email drip campaigns in […]

How to set up an SMTP or Gmail sender account

To send your first message, you first need to set up an email account at You can add multiple accounts to the list of your sender email accounts. In your account settings, navigate to the Email Accounts tab. Click the Add button. You will see two email account type options – Gmail account or […]

Tracker Opened status issue – February 2019 (Resolved)

Hi! You may have noticed that emails sent with Snovio Email Tracker extension enabled are displayed as opened when you view them. You can easily fix this issue: Go to chrome://flags/#network-service (copy text and paste into address bar). In the Enable network service option, select “Disabled” from the dropdown menu. At the bottom of the page click […]

Issue with Gmail email sending via Drip Campaigns tool resolved (March 13, 2019)

On March 13, at 4:53 AM Google has posted a report regarding an issue a number of users have been reporting. The problem hindered access to and the functionality of Gmail, with many reporting error messages, delays, and unexpected behavior. You can view the full report here. Unfortunately, this issue, caused by Google’s own system […]

What are hard and soft email bounces

If you have an active campaign, you might receive an email notification about undelivered campaign emails. These undelivered emails are bounces. A bounced email is an email that can’t be delivered because of a server mistake. There are of two types of email bounces – hard and soft. Read the bounced email report carefully to […]

How link tracking affects email deliverability

Link tracking is a great thing when it comes to analyzing email drip campaign performance. After all, knowing the click-through rate is the only way to know just how converting your email copy is. That said, deliverability should be your priority when it comes to email sending. And when it comes to email deliverability, every […]

How to add variables to emails

Personalization is the cornerstone of a good email copy. To make every email you send look personal and human-like, has added multiple system and custom variables you can add to your email copy. Outline: System variables and how to add them Custom variables and how to add them System variables and how to add […]

How to add an unsubscribe link to your drip campaign emails

To reduce the spam complaint rate you can let your recipients unsubscribe from your emails. To do this, you need to add an unsubscribe link to emails. Please note, unsubscribe links are not common for cold emails. If you want to maintain the feeling of personal one-on-one correspondence, we do not recommend adding them to […]

How to schedule your email drip campaign

When you create a drip campaign on our platform, you can specify the day and time (including alignment with the prospects’ time zone) for when you want your emails to be sent. Simply follow the steps below if you want to schedule your drip campaign on platform. There are a few ways to create […]

How to create and use templates

Have you ever found yourself writing the same email or building the same campaign again and again? Templates will help you save time, stay consistent and increase productivity by offering a variety of email and campaign templates for multiple purposes, as well as an option to create and save your own templates. Outline Email […]

How to send your drip campaign emails as one thread

Wondering how to stack your follow-ups into a single Gmail thread? It can be done pretty easily. Your emails can be grouped by conversation, so if you want them to appear in your recipient’s inbox as one thread, here’s what you have to do: 1. Create the desired email sequence with multiple emails. 2. Fill in […]

How to avoid spam filters

Spam (also known as junk email) are unsolicited messages usually sent to a large number of users to spread malware, advertise, or scam the recipients. Email service providers (ESPs) analyze and filter out such messages using sophisticated algorithms and formulas. To make sure your legitimate emails don’t get labeled and land in the Spam folder, […]

How to not get emails labeled as Spam by the recipients

Often, the sender reputation can go down because of the high spam complaint rate. This happens when emails look suspicious to the recipients and they manually send them to the Spam folder. Unfounded spam reporting can happen to anyone. Generally, there are a couple of patterns that can make emails look like spam to the […]

How to subscribe for regular summary reports on your email opens and clicks in Email Tracker

To subscribe for the Email Tracker reports on the performance of your emails, you’ll need to register for or sign in to your account. You can create an account by clicking on the tracker icon in your inbox and clicking the suggested link: If you already have an account with and use the […]