Sending messages to prospects

Sending messages to prospects

How to send emails with through the app and Email Drip Campaigns tool.
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How to warm up an email account?
How to warm up an email account. The importance of taking care of your email reputation before starting a drip campaign and the detailed steps how to do it.
Limits and statuses for Email Drip Campaigns tool
Here are the most frequently asked questions for Email Drip Campaigns
How to set up an SMTP or Gmail sender account
To send your first message, set up an email account at

Email sending options

How to send messages from the web app's web app email sending feature can help you send email messages to selected prospects right from your contact lists.
How to send an email directly from any website
Looking for a simple way to send a quick message? Found an email address with and want to contact this person instantly? Now you can!
How to send automated triggered email campaigns with
With Email Drip Campaigns tool you can create automated, multi-sequence, triggered email campaigns. This will save you a lot of time by automating follow-ups, as well as offer detailed analysis of every campaign, helping group your leads by their place in the sales funnel.

Email drip campaigns features

How to add a media file to your drip campaign emails
Learn how to add a Youtube video or an image to your drip campaign emails.
How to add a signature to your drip campaign emails
How to add a signature to your drip campaign
How does the fallback feature work?
How to use the Fallback feature in Drip Campaigns.
How to add variables to emails
Personalization is the cornerstone of a good email copy. has added multiple system and custom variables you can add to your email copy.
How to add an unsubscribe link to your drip campaign emails
To reduce the spam complaint rate you can let your recipients unsubscribe from your emails. To do this, you need to add an unsubscribe link to emails.
How to schedule your email drip campaign
When you create a drip campaign on our platform, you can specify the day and time for when you want your emails to be sent.
How to create and use templates Templates will help you save time, stay consistent and increase productivity by offering a variety of email and campaign templates for multiple purposes
How to send your drip campaign emails as one thread
Wondering how to stack your follow-ups into a single Gmail thread? It can be done pretty easily.

Drip campaign statistics

How to track your campaign replies
Here's how you can track you email drip campaign replies in
How to observe email campaign statistics
The statistics page will show you all the campaign stats for all emails sent within the campaign.


How to set up an SMTP G-Suite account to allow full Google authorization
Settings while setting up a G-Suite sender account via SMTP to avoid errors with connection
How to set up an SMTP Gmail account to allow full Google authorization
Settings while setting up a Gmail sender account via SMTP to avoid errors with connection
How to reset your Gmail account validity
If you have noticed that your Gmail account now shows as invalid – no need to panic, this can be easily fixed.
What are hard and soft email bounces
If you have an active campaign, you might receive an email notification about undelivered campaign emails. These undelivered emails are bounces.
How link tracking affects email deliverability
Link tracking is a great thing when it comes to analyzing email drip campaign performance. After all, knowing the click-through rate is the only way to know just how converting your email copy is.
How to avoid spam filters
Spam (also known as junk email) are unsolicited messages usually sent to a large number of users to spread malware, advertise, or scam the recipients.
How to not get emails labeled as Spam by the recipients
Often, the sender reputation can go down because of the high spam complaint rate. This happens when the recipients send emails to the Spam folder.