How to send A/B testing campaigns

A/B testing feature allows you to easily test different variations of a single email in your campaign to define the most successful one. You may experiment and add small changes to copywriting style, design, subject line, call to action, etc., to compare results and find out what works best for your contacts and brings conversion. 

How to build an A/B testing email campaign

A/B testing email campaigns are created the same way as a standard email campaign but include additional steps.

To build an A/B testing email campaign, navigate to your email drip campaign or create a new one by clicking the New drip campaign button.

email campaign

In the Campaign creation window, choose an Email element. After you’ve created the first version of your email, click Add variant.

add variant

Please note that A/B testing campaigns are available for users starting with an M plan. So, if you have an S plan or freemium, you will see the following notification with an upgrading request. 

Upgrade your plan to M, L, XL, or XXL right now and try out the A/B testing feature!

Once you click Add variant in the Email block, an additional email variant will appear. Here you can paste your message to the email body with small changes: subject lines, copywriting styles, designs, images, call to action (CTA). 

You can add up to 5 variations to create different versions of your content. All the variants will be equally distributed among the recipients from your prospect list and sent randomly. 

You can also use A/B tests in follow-up emails, but please, keep in mind that emails will be sent randomly (i.e., the sent variant A of the first email does not mean that variant A will also be sent in a follow-up). 

The subject line for your follow-up will be the same as the first email version of the sent email. 

Once you’ve created your email campaign, click Save & Start to launch it.

After the campaign is launched, you can pause or delete some email variations if needed. Click the Edit icon in the Statistics tab and pause and edit the campaign.

a/b test campaign

Then pause or delete the desired variant:

Please note: The variant can be deleted only if it hasn’t been sent yet. The variant with already sent email won’t be deleted to prevent misinterpretation of statistics. 

a/b test campaign

You can view the engagement metrics (sent, opens, clicks, and replies) for the total number of sent email variants and for each variant separately in the Statistics and Overview tabs. 

a/b test campaign

a/b test campaign

Let us know if you have any questions, we will gladly help you!

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