How to track your campaign replies

There are many ways you can view replies in Email Drip Campaigns.

Replied status allows you to see:

  • Replies overview for the whole campaign
  • The campaign reply rate (in %)
  • Replies for a specific email in a sequence
  • The number of recipients who have replied
  • The percentage of recipients who replied (to a specific email) from the overall number of recipients

How does it work sets a connection with your email account by IMAP and SMTP. A reply is detected within approximately 10 minutes (if there are any delays with the connection, it can take a little more time). synchronizes with main Inbox folder, so if you need to archive, create folders, or forward emails, please make sure that a copy of an email is still visible in your Inbox folder.

Here is an example:

System sets a Replied status automatically when it detects a reply to the email sent through the Drip Campaign feature. The system doesn’t consider autoreplies and bounces as a reply.

For the recipients with a Replied status the sequence stops. You can continue sending the campaign to recipients who have replied by changing their status to Active manually.

Note that now we have an option to continue sending the campaign automatically. Disable the Stop after reply option in the Campaign settings and the campaign will continue for the prospects even if they reply.


How to view statistics for replies

To view the overall number of replies for a campaign received from a specific recipient, check the REPLIES column in the Recipients tab.
You can filter recipients by the number of replies: No reply, 1+ replies, 3+ replies

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