What are drip campaign statuses

The following article will introduce you to the various email campaigns statuses, including Active, Paused, Draft, Completed, Scheduled and Automatically paused.

When you’re working with Snov.io Drip campaigns, they can have different statuses assigned to them.

Here’s what each status means:

–> Active

Active means that your campaign is currently active and sending emails according to a sending window you specified in campaign settings.

–> On hold

Campaigns with an Active status, but currently out of allowed sending window, will have a temporary On hold status and start to send emails once the settings allow it.

–> Completed

Completed status can only be applied manually by a user action: either directly changing the status from the menu or deleting the prospect list associated with the campaign.

Campaigns don’t change their status to Completed when all emails have been sent and the sequence has finished. 

They remain Active in case you would like to add new prospects to the campaign.

Note: Completed campaigns can be copied or saved as a template but cannot be switched back to Active. 


The campaign can be paused and reactivated manually from the campaign list page. 

Your campaign will automatically switch to Paused when you delete the email account used as a sender for this campaign.

While in that status, campaigns will not send any emails. When they are reactivated, they will resume emailing where they left off when they were paused.

–> Automatically paused

Automatically paused status means that your campaign has reached a bounce rate threshold and will not send any emails until the issue is resolved.

Learn more about how to fix bounce rate issues in this help article.

–> Scheduled

Campaigns that have been set to start on a specific future date will get a Scheduled status once launched. 

The campaign will automatically change its status to Active once the sending starts.

–> Draft

Draft status is assigned when you save a drafted version using the Save button or exit a campaign builder without completing all steps to launch the campaign. 

You can return to the drafted campaigns and complete setting them up.

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