How does the fallback feature work?


  1. What is a fallback and how does it work
  2. How to remove a fallback
  3. About To-Check Tab

What is a fallback and how does it work

A fallback is a word or a phrase that is displayed instead of your variable if the information needed for your variable is unavailable. 

To apply the fallback feature, do the following:

  1. In your email drip campaign choose a variable.


      2. Instead of the word “FALLBACK” insert a word or a phrase you want to appear in your email if your prospect lacks the data necessary to fill the variable: e.g. {{first_name: there}}:


Here’s what your recipient will see if they’re missing the initial variable data: 


How to remove a fallback

If you don’t want to use a fallback, just manually delete it and keep your initial variable: e.g. {{first_name}}:


About To-Check Tab

Note that if Check for missing variables option in your campaign settings is enabled and variables are missing the needed data, the To-Check Tab will be displayed on the dashboard of your campaign before sending.


In this tab, you can choose the Send without checking option to continue sending. And your fallback word or phrase will be substituted to the prospects without a variable.


You can disable Check for missing variables option so that the campaign will directly go with variables or fallback without check. 

If you remove the word “fallback” and there is no data to fill the variable, the variable will not be shown in your email. 

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