Adding fallbacks to email variables

Fallback is a default backup content for email variables if the required field is empty on a prospect profile.

Using fallbacks will handle missing variable cases for multiple prospects and insert backup content instead. 

Learn how to add variables to your emails to get more context on what is described below. Any of your email variables can have a fallback set.

After inserting a variable, double-click on it and change fallback content to your liking. 

If you’d prefer to type it out, make sure to follow the correct format. Fallbacks are added in variables after a semicolon: {{variable: fallback}}. Purple icon indicates a valid variable. 

Here are some fallback examples:

{{first_name: there}}

{{company_name: your company}}

{{position: someone who knows their trade}}

In the examples above, fallbacks will backup variables if someone’s first name, company name or position info is empty.

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