How to edit prospect's information

Sometimes the information you collect while finding email addresses is not enough, and you need additional data about the prospects you want to work with. Or, some data might be out of date and require some updates. 

There are 2 methods to edit your prospects in

Method 1: In the prospects list 
Method 2: In the prospect’s profile

Method 1: Editing prospects directly in the prospects list 

Step 1. To edit prospect’s information, go to a prospects list and find the necessary person. In the respective column, click the Edit icon and make the necessary changes.

You can edit Emails, First Name, Last Name, Industry, Country, Location, and custom fields. 

When editing an email, you can add new email addresses or delete the current one.

Note: If you can’t find the needed columns, you can arrange them in the Column display settings. To do it, click the three dots (1), select the columns you want to see in your prospect list (2) and close the window (3). All the changes will be automatically saved.

Step 2. Once the changes are made, click the Save button.

Note: If you are in a Team, note that you can edit fields only in your own prospects lists. You can’t edit prospects in your team members’ lists.

Method 2: Editing prospects in the prospects’ profile

Step 1. To edit prospects from their profiles, choose the prospect and click on it.

edit prospect

You’ll go to the prospect’s profile

Step 2. Here, in the profile, select the Edit option in the top right corner.

edit prospect

Step 3. Now you can change any field. Save your changes when you are ready.

edit prospect

If you just want to save the changes and nothing more please click the Save button. If you want to use our email checker to verify the email, click Save and search emails button.

So now you have an easy tool to change the info for your prospects.
Note: all the changes will be saved only in your lists and won’t be shared to our database.

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