How to manage custom fields and data tabs

IN THIS ARTICLE: you will find out how to add, edit and organize custom prospect fields to use in email variables.

Custom fields can be added to prospect lists to store and track additional information about your prospects.

Data from custom fields can be used in campaigns to personalize email content.

Every prospect’s profile has a set of default fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Industry, Country, Location, Company, Job Position, Website. 

Any extra fields added to a prospect’s profile are called custom fields.

Creating custom fields

There are two methods of adding custom data fields to your prospects in 

While identical in their function and purpose, they add flexibility to your prospect management workflow.

From a prospect list view

  • Open a prospect list page
  • Click Manage custom fields and data tabs icon on the toolbar at the top

A pop-up window will open where you can add new custom fields or manage the ones you have already added.

To create a new custom field:

  • Click +Add field ( this button will appear if you have at least one custom field)
  • Type in a Field name
  • Choose data type: Text for text, Number for numerical values, Date for date formats
  • Click Save

 Note: For easier mapping during import, name your custom fields the same as data columns in your prospect sheet.

From a prospect’s profile page

To open a prospect’s profile:

  • Click the prospect’s name in your Prospects list.

The prospect profile page shows everything you need to know about a prospect in one place.

From a prospect’s page, you can view their activity timeline, view the list of deals, see the emails and sequences they get, and edit their details.

Read more about managing the prospect’s profile here ⇒

For the purpose of this tutorial, let’s take a look at adding custom fields from a prospect’s profile.

  • Click the  (Settings) icon in any profile to open Custom fields menu

  • Click +Add field
  • Type a field’s name
  • Select data type: Text for text, Number for numerical values, Date for date formats
  • Click Save

Note: When a custom field is added to one prospect profile, the same field will be added to all lists and prospects.

Organizing custom fields with data tabs

Data tabs panel lets you create additional groups to categorize fields based on their content and purpose.

For example, you can create a group with fields that cover prospect interests to quickly access required information.

By default, all custom fields are grouped into the Details data tab.

So, when you create a new custom field, it is automatically placed in that tab.

To create a new group: 

  • Click +Add group icon on the Custom fields menu
  • Enter a group’s name
  • Click the Add button

  • Open the tab and add fields to organize them here in this group

Custom fields added within a tab will be grouped together in that tab when viewing a prospect’s profile.

To delete a group: 

  • Hover the mouse over a tab click the trash icon.

Note: Deleting data tabs does not delete custom fields that are grouped within. The fields from a deleted group are moved to the default Details tab.

Adding data to custom fields

After creating custom fields, there are two ways to fill in their values:

Add a value manually

You can add or edit a custom field value manually when editing a prospect profile.

Go back to a prospect’s profile view from the Custom fields menu(click icon at the top) menu or open it from the list view.

  • Find a field on the details panel
  • Hover a cursor over it and click Edit icon
  • Type in a value
  • Click the Save button down below

Note: It is only this prospect that will be updated when you add a custom field value manually to one prospect profile.

Add values in bulk via import

By importing a file, you can bulk add custom field values. 

During import, map fields from your file with custom fields you added before to populate them with data in bulk. 

 Note: For easier mapping during import, remember to name your custom fields the same as data columns in your prospect sheet.

Tip: During import, you can quickly create and map a new custom field.

Read in more detail on how to upload your list of prospects and map prospect fields here.

Editing custom fields

After a custom field has been created, you can modify its name on the Custom fields menu and its value on the prospect’s profile page.

Note: You can’t change the data type of the existing field.

Deleting custom fields

When you decide that a custom field is no longer needed or you hit the maximum limit of 30 custom fields, you can delete the field from the Custom fields menu.

To delete a custom field:

  • Open Custom fields page
  • Click trash icon next to a field you want to delete
  • Click Delete to confirm deletion

Important: Be careful when deleting custom fields. 

You’ll get an alert saying that you’re attempting to delete a custom field with data. 

If the field is deleted, the data associated with it will also be permanently deleted across all your prospects and lists. Email variables (so called placeholders) will no longer be able to use custom field data.

Viewing all custom fields

All the custom fields created in your lists are visible on the Custom fields page.

Select the group (tab) that you are interested in, and it will show a list of the custom fields added to that group.

FAQs and tips

Here are some notes to keep in mind as you work with custom fields:

1. What happens when I add a custom field manually?

When you add, edit or delete a custom field value for a single prospect, it is only this prospect that will be updated.

2. What if I add a custom field to one prospect profile?

When you add or delete custom fields, they are updated across all your lists and prospects. 

3. How many custom fields can I add in total?

You can add up to 30 custom fields.

4. Is there a character limit for the value of the custom field?

The title of a custom field can contain up to 255 characters.

The value (content) of the custom field itself can be over 65,000 characters.

5. What if I delete a custom field connected to a variable used in a campaign? 

Be careful when deleting custom fields as their data is used in email variables. Make sure to remove associated variables from email campaigns after deleting a field. 

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