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Need quick help? Browse to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our prospecting tools: Chrome extensions and a set of web-app tools.

1. What is a credit?

Credit is our in-app payment unit that can be spent on prospecting and email verification tools.

Credit quota is the number of credits issued to your account balance with every plan.

Find out how we charge credits for using specific tools⇒

2. How can I find emails and prospects with Snov.io?

We offer a set of web app tools that lets you get emails and prospects based on the input data you provide: prospect names, company domains, or social links.

Web application tools:

  • Email Search ⇒ – find prospect’s email contact by their name and company domain.
  • Bulk Email Search⇒ upload a list of prospect names with company domains to get prospects in bulk.
  • Domain Search⇒ – find prospects and domain-based emails on a specific company domain.
  • Bulk Domain Search⇒ find prospects and domain-based emails in bulk from a list of company domains.
  • Social URL Search⇒ – find prospects’ email contacts from a list of links to their social profiles.
  • Database Search⇒ – find prospects and companies based on search filters: industry, location, company size.

Our prospecting extensions for Chrome help you find leads anywhere online: on company websites or social networks.

Email Finder Chrome extension:

3. How accurate are the contacts Snov.io finds? Are they verified?

It depends on the verification status that the contact receives.

Snov.io automatically verifies all the contacts found using most of our prospecting tools. In other words, when you use Snov.io prospecting tools, verification is included, and you don’t need to verify these email addresses separately.

Learn more about verification statuses–>

If you import your own file with email addresses that were sourced from other platforms, you might want to verify these contacts using Snov.io’s email verification feature.

4. How are you better than your competitors? 

We offer one of the most affordable prices per prospect on the market.​​

On our most popular Pro plan, the price per email contact is estimated at 0.02 dollars.

5. What additional prospect data except for the email address do you provide? 

Prospect profiles collected through our tools are enriched with the following data:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Prospect’s social profile
  • Job position
  • Country
  • Industry
  • Company name
  • Company website
  • Company size
  • Company location

6. Do you charge me for duplicates?

In all our prospecting tools, you will not be charged credits for prospects with invalid emails (marked as Invalid), for duplicates, or searches with no emails found.

7. Is it legal to use your prospecting tools?

Yes, it is legal to use our Email Finder tools to find email addresses of individuals or companies for legitimate purposes such as email outreach, sales, or marketing. However, it is important to comply with privacy regulations and not use aquired email contacts for spamming or distributing questionable content.

8. Can I buy an email list from Snov.io?

The Database Search tool⇒  allows you to search through our database using search filters, but we don’t sell email lists or contact databases.

9. How many prospects do you have in your database? 

As we continue to add and update contacts in our database, the number of emails it contains keeps growing. Based on recent statistics, our database currently has 550 million prospects and 75 million companies.

10. Why some email addresses or contacts cannot be saved to a prospect list?

Occasionally, email addresses or domains may be removed from the platform at the request of their owners or for legal reasons. In such cases, they won’t be added to any list on the platform and our users won’t be able to send emails to them.

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