Must-Read Books for Email Marketers, Part I

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    Marketing self-education stretches far beyond marketing itself – it is now deeply related to technical skills, coding, copywriting, design, journalism and more. You can’t afford to miss a new marketing method, a new tool or software, or even a new policy update by giants like Google or Facebook.

    Self-education is available in all shapes and sizes – from online courses at various universities, to Youtube videos, podcasts, and webinars. But there is one type of educating content that has now been alive and kicking forever. Books!

    E-Mail Marketing For Dummies by John Arnold
    Email Marketing Mastery by Tom Corson-Knowles
    Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business by Susan Gunelius
    The New Email Revolution by Robert W. Bly
    Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie
    Email Marketing Demystified by Matthew Paulson and Elisa Doucette
    The Email Lifeline by Anik Singal
    Email Marketing Rules by Chad S. White
    Mastering Online Marketing by Magnus Unemyr

    Once distributed digitally on forums as WarriorForum and DigitalPoint, many marketing books have become true gems and vital handbooks for both beginners and advanced marketers. In this part, we will cover email marketing books for beginner and mid-level email marketers.

    1. E-Mail Marketing For Dummies by John Arnold

    E-Mail Marketing For Dummies by John Arnold

    First things first! If you are a beginner, this is definitely the book to start with. It is not as advanced as others, but this book will give you a general understanding of the components of email marketing, its key methods, and the tech behind email delivery.

    Don’t be in a hurry to scroll down yet if you are an experienced email marketer – repetition is the foundation of learning, and it’s never a bad idea to brush up on your knowledge of cornerstone methodologies of email marketing.

    In short: A great book for beginners and pros looking to refresh their knowledge of basics.

    Buy: Amazon – $13.00 (Kindle), Dummies Store – $16.99 (eBook)

    2. Email Marketing Mastery by Tom Corson-Knowles

    The Step-By-Step System for Building an Email List of Raving Fans Who Buy From You and Share Your Message

    Email Marketing Mastery by Tom Corson-Knowles

    This is another great book that covers the basics of email marketing, and just as the one before, it is a great choice for beginners. Through this book, you won’t just understand how email marketing works, you’ll also learn how to analyze whether it’s a great time and place to implement email marketing campaigns in your company – the book offers a practical checklist of 8 factors to consider before setting up email campaigns.

    This book shows you how to launch your email marketing campaigns and overcome various technical difficulties. From building your very first email list and engaging subscribers to traffic and revenue generating email marketing campaigns – this book has it all.

    With a case study that is available in addition to previously mentioned 8 factors, email marketing beginners can use this book to learn how to set up autoresponders and get the most out of them.

    In short: A book with actual practical advice perfect for beginners. With a 5-star rating and multiple positive reviews, it’s a must-read for experienced email marketers as well.

    Buy: Amazon – $4.99 (Kindle), Free (Audible), Barnes & Noble – $14.99 (Paperback)

    3. Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business by Susan Gunelius

    Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business by Susan Gunelius

    The two previous books are perfect for specialists taking their first steps in email marketing, but this one by Susan Gunelius is a great choice for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs. If you run a small business, offline or online, this is your key to learning all the basics – from email list building to revenue generation by using email marketing techniques.

    This is a practical book and you will learn how to start with such simple yet effective techniques as “freebie magnets,” simple conversion funnels, basic list segmentation, targeting methods and more. If you want to deliver the right message to the right person, this book is the one you need to read first.

    The second part of the book covers email list analysis, key metrics to keep your eyes on, proper usage of personalization, and even basic automation mechanisms.

    In short: Book for small business owners and entrepreneurs covering all the practical basics and topics like conversion funnels, segmentation, personalization, automation, key metrics and more.

    Buy: iBooks – $21.99, Amazon – $13.19 (Kindle), $14.57 (Paperback), Book Depository – €15.64 (Paperback), Barnes & Noble – $19.79 (Paperback)

    4. The New Email Revolution by Robert W. Bly

    Save Time, Make Money, and Write Emails People Actually Want to Read!

    The New Email Revolution by Robert W. Bly

    Launching your email campaigns and building a decent list of email subscribers is purely a matter of time and skill. But what truly transforms an email campaign is the email message itself.

    The New Email Revolution will help you get your subscribers to actually read your messages. You will learn the secret tactics of perfect email copywriting, find out how to choose the right templates for your campaigns, how to implement visual, audio and video content into your emails, and much more.

    Email marketing beginners should definitely read this ebook among the first few because the sooner you sharpen your email copywriting skills, the better.

    In short: Great copywriting book for beginners covering general copywriting techniques, as well as visual, audio, and video content in emails.

    Buy: Amazon – $9.87 (Kindle), $10.39 (Paperback), Kobo – $10.99 (eBook)

    5. Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie

    Captivate and Engage Your Audience, Build Authority and Generate More Sales With Email Marketing

    Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie

    This one is not a new book  – it was released in 2013 – but Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie is still a gem, and I believe it’s a must-read book for all the digital and email marketers who are entering the cruel world of online marketing.

    Many famous marketers and ordinary readers name it as one of the best books on email marketing – it’s full of practical methods, strategies, and easy-to-understand theory.

    If you want to understand just how good this book is, take a look at the reviews. Here’s one:

    “I used the advice in this book with my e-commerce business. I was able to generate over $80k in sales over a 12-month period with no other advertising. Email marketing works. And the strategies in this book are sound.”

    It worked for this guy in 2017 and it can still help you take your email marketing to the next level in 2019.

    In short: Great email marketing book full of practical advice, strategies, and understandable theory. Highly recommended by both marketing gurus and simple marketers.

    Buy: Amazon – $6.49 (Kindle), $15.99 (Paperback)

    6. Email Marketing Demystified by Matthew Paulson and Elisa Doucette

    Build a Massive Mailing List, Write Copy that Converts and Generate More Sales (Internet Business Series)

    Email Marketing Demystified by Matthew Paulson and Elisa Doucette

    This book is only $2.99 on Amazon, but don’t let the price fool you. Email Marketing Demystified will show you actual strategies and methods for growing your list from 0 to 300,000 subscribers.

    This book is one good case study full of practical steps that were all tested by Matthew Paulson and Elisa Doucette. Piggyback on their experience and grab your chance to build a massive email list yourself.

    This book is probably not the best choice for complete beginners, but as soon as you feel comfortable with building smaller email lists, this book is your key to a massive expansion of your email campaigns.

    In short: A great case study book of tested practical advice for young email marketers.

    Buy: Amazon – Free (with Audible trial), $2.99 (Kindle), $9.95 (Paperback), Barnes & Noble – $9.95 (Paperback)

    7. The Email Lifeline by Anik Singal

    How to Increase Your E-Mail Marketing Profits by 300% Using a Simple Formula

    The Email Lifeline by Anik Singal

    Do you ever want to achieve something in as short a time as possible – with no hassle, no challenges, just the results? If so, this book is your savior. It will teach you how to build your very first email list without any complicated research, planning, or advanced strategies. You will just start building your list. That easy.

    Building an email list is not rocket science, and often you need just a few valuable pieces of advice to see the first results. This book will not only help you with that but also help you choose the right products and services to promote and earn as an affiliate. And much more!

    If you are a beginner, value your time and want to get the most hands-on methods – this book by Anik Singal is for you.

    In short: Simple hands-on methods and strategies for beginners.

    Buy: Amazon – $7.87 (Kindle), $17.85 (Paperback),

    8. Email Marketing Rules by Chad S. White

    Checklists, Frameworks, and 150 Best Practices for Business Success

    Email Marketing Rules by Chad S. White

    Chad S. White is one of the top email marketing experts who gained his popularity via Twitter. As one of the top managers at Litmus, a well-known email marketing software that has been on the market since 2005, he got a unique chance to gather and analyze data from thousands of email marketers.

    Though Email Marketing Rules has precious info on email list building, it also contains a lot of checklists, step-by-step methods, and frameworks for email marketing in general. If you love to sometimes skip the theory and start practicing right away – this is the perfect book for you.

    It is definitely not an entry-level email marketing book, but mid-level and advanced specialists will find it extremely useful.

    In short: A fantastic book with practical guides on email list building, checklists, and frameworks from one of the top email marketing experts – Chad S. White.

    Buy: Amazon – $9.99 (Kindle), $19.99 (Paperback)

    9. Mastering Online Marketing by Magnus Unemyr

    Create Business Success

    Mastering Online Marketing by Magnus Unemyr

    As we’ve mentioned before, these days email marketers are usually full-stack marketers, or are at least good at a few more things other than just email marketing. This book will help you become an all-around pro because email marketing is really just one of the pieces of your skill set.

    This book will give you a good understanding of online marketing in general, but also help you see the bigger picture and learn how to create websites and landing pages, how to optimize them for a better conversion, how to nurture your subscribers and more.

    Mastering Online Marketing will help you grow your metrics and results by adjusting mechanisms and puzzle pieces outside the email marketing. Of course, this book contains a lot of useful info and methods related to email marketing, but the goal is to understand how all online marketing processes work together.

    In short: A great read for beginners and mid-level marketers that touches upon marketing automation systems, SEO, content marketing, SMM, Google Analytics, and more.

    Buy: Amazon – Free (Kindle), $19.00 (Paperback)

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