How to communicate with prospective clients

The services we provide help our clients find prospective clients all over the world and largely simplify this process. However, it is still necessary to comply with the requirements of the applicable laws, in particular regarding the sending of emails to other persons.

We created a list of the main tips regarding communication with prospective clients. 

Is it necessary to have a consent to send emails?

It depends on the requirements of the applicable laws, as different national legislations contain different requirements in this regard. 

For example, under the CAN-SPAM Act adopted in the U.S. since 2003, you do not need to get a consent prior to adding users located in the US to your mailing list or sending them commercial messages. However, you must provide such users with a clear and easy mechanism to opt-out from your mailing list.

CAN-SPAM Act is one of the most well-known pieces of legislation regarding the matter of sending of commercial emails in the world.

Tips for your email campaigns

We urge you to comply with all of the following tips when you send emails to any person using our platform:

  • Do not include persons who have asked you not to send them emails into your mailing list.
  • Clearly indicate yourself and your contact details in the email.
  • Do not include false or deceptive information into the email header, particularly in the “From”, “To” and “Subject” email fields.
  • Where possible, always receive consent from the prospects or clients to send them emails.
  • Make it clear that your email is an advertisement or solicitation.
  • Provide a recipient with a simple, clear, and easy-to-use opt-out option.
  • Always fulfill the requests to unsubscribe from your mailing list immediately.
  • Monitor your compliance with these tips and fix any faults and flaws immediately.

Note: this list of requirements and recommendations is not exhaustive. We urge you to check the requirements of the applicable law regarding email communication before sending emails to any person via our platform. You are responsible to comply with the requirements of the applicable laws.

What if a prospective client asks you where you got their email?

If you receive such a question, please contact one of our specialists for assistance at or via live chat. We always provide our clients and users with assistance regarding mailing and privacy matters.

In most cases, the email addresses of prospective clients are publicly available online or on social media. You should explain this to the prospect. If the prospect requests you to provide clarifications to your answer, you should contact one of our specialists again and ask for assistance. 

If the prospect requests you to delete their email, you should notify us about this request and comply with it by removing their email address from your mailing list.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’re always here for you at and in the live chat.

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