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How to export emails from Snovio

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Export to CSV, XLSX, and Google Sheets is available for all users with a paid plan.

Use the export button to save your list of emails:

The pop-up window with the export settings will appear.
Select the relevant option with the format you need your list to be saved as:

Then, select the status of the emails you need to export:

Your choices are “Not verified”, “Valid”, “Invalid”, “Catch All”, and “Can’t find emails” (for when a prospect’s info without an email address is sufficient). You may select some, or all of the statuses. Find out more about email statuses here.

This crucial step is for selecting the columns you need in your file.

There are 2 more options which allow you to export all of the prospects positions from their CV even if there’s no coinciding email (“Export job positions without emails”), export only emails for current job positions (“Exclude emails from previous jobs”) and if the prospect has several email addresses and you need just one of them (“Export just one email per person”)

When you’ve set all of the parameters, click on “Export” button.
Sometimes you will see this message. In this case, just click on the “Download list” button.

If you chose the option to export to Google Sheets, you’ll see this message:

Now you have a file with email addresses and prospect information to work with!

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