How to export emails from

You can download emails and prospects from your lists into a CSV, XLSX, or Google Sheets file. 

Export option is available for all paid subscriptions. 

Here’s your guide on exporting prospect lists:

Open your prospect list

Click the Export button on the toolbar at the top to open export settings. 

Configure export settings

  • Only export prospects with tags

Allows you to filter exported records by their tags. Click on the input field and choose a tag/or tags from the drop down list. 

  • Export options

Choose a desired file format to download. 

  • Export columns

Select data columns that you want to export or click Select All to download complete set of columns.

Note: By default, all data columns are selected except for your custom data. 

  • Export filters

Download jobs without emails – include prospect profiles without email address

Export just one email per person – include only one email address for prospects with multiple emails

Download export file

Click the Export button to download a prospect file.

Note: If you choose to export to Google Sheets, you will need to grant app permissions for the selected Google Account.

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