200+ Marketing Conferences Of 2019

Marketing Conferences

Want to stay up-to-date on marketing current events?
Looking to attend the best marketing events of 2019?
Trying to squeeze everything you can out of marketing conferences?

Yes, yes, and yes!

If you still think conferences exist just for networking, we’re about to rock your world. Here’s our list of reasons why you should attend marketing conferences and a list of 200+ marketing conferences of 2019 you can still visit.

Why you should attend marketing conferences and events

Conferences and events can help you reach goals and solve problems much faster. Not sure exactly what you can achieve? A lot.

1. Find new clients

Conferences and events are a great chance to promote your product or services directly to a genuinely interested audience. Sign up as a speaker or get a booth to get more exposure. Prepare a special offer, bundle or discount for conference attendees to convert better.

2. Learn new tricks and hacks

Conferences gather thousands of industry-specific specialists. And the best part? They all genuinely enjoy a good conversation. Most large conferences have apps through which you can contact specific attendees and try to schedule a meeting. And don’t forget to attend the lectures!

3. Discover the latest marketing trends

Conferences and events are a great chance to find out what’s hot in your industry. Innovation is in the air at these conferences – visit booths, attend speeches, and pay close attention to younger exhibitors to discover the latest marketing trends.

4. Find business partners and make friends

Many don’t like making big decisions during conferences, some just attend to make friends and establish partnerships, especially at B2B marketing conferences. If your goal is to find new partners, affiliates or ambassadors for your brand – there is no better place than a conference. Take a look at who’s attending in advance and invite them out for lunch or coffee. Just make sure you know what you want to offer, and have all the necessary info and materials with you.

5. Find the best talent for your team

Hiring is hard, especially if you are seeking for senior specialists or C-level managers. To find new talent, attend events hosted for specialists of specific marketing branches (PPC, Email, Affiliate, Social Media, etc). Most of the time being honest about the advantages of your company is enough to pique people’s interest.

6. Get feedback

If you’re just starting or building new features for your product, feedback is essential. Quality feedback from trusted sources will save you a ton of time and money. Conferences are your chance to meet industry-specific people all in one place. Make sure you have a prepared list of questions, or even a demo version or a draft to receive an opinion on.

7. Discover new markets

If you’re trying to bring your product or services to the new market, your first steps should be to find out the specifics of this market, meet local influencers, and what’s most important – discover local competitors. Conferences and local events will help you with that.

8. Increase brand awareness

Ever noticed how some companies attend every event and conference possible? They always have a speaker, and they always have a booth at every marketing conference in Europe and the Americas. That’s because conferences work, and they do wonders for brand awareness. If you see a brand everywhere, you will check it out sooner or later.

List of marketing conferences for May-December 2019

We have picked more than 200 upcoming conferences and events within the marketing niche. See dates, locations, and categories below. Enjoy!

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May     June     July     August     September     October     November     December 

? May ?

    Dates Event Name Location Category
    May 6-8 C3 (Conductor) NY, New York Search
    May 6-8 The Social Shake-Up GA, Atlanta Social
    May 7-9 eTail Canada 2019 Toronto, Canada Retail
    May 7-8 OMR Festival 2019 Hamburg, Germany Marketing
    May 7-8 Search Marketing Summit Australia Sydney, Australia Search
    May 8-9 eCommerce Show North Manchester, UK Retail
    May 8 Content Marketing Summit Asia: South Asia Mumbai, India Content
    May 8-10 Tokyo Web & Digital Marketing Expo Tokyo, Japan Digital
    May 9 GrowthHackers Conference 2019 CA, San Francisco Digital
    May 9-10 DigiMarCon East 2019 NY, New York Digital
    May 9 Brand Safety Summit London London, UK Advertising
    May 14 MMA Impact London London, UK Mobile
    May 13-16 Adobe Summit 2019 London London, UK Digital
    May 13-14 Ads Camp 2019 Cologne, Germany Social
    May 14 Raleigh SEO Conference NC, Raleigh Search
    May 15-17 Sellers Summit FL, Miami Retail
    May 15-16 Digital Summit: Kansas City MO, Kansas City Digital
    May 15-17 SEMrush Live Prague, Czech Republic Digital
    May 16-17 DigiMarCon Canada Toronto, Canada Digital
    May 16 Ad Summit Kyiv Kyiv, Ukraine Advertising
    May 18 MeasureCamp: Italy Rome, Italy Analytics
    May 20 International Search Summit London, UK Search
    May 20-21 E-Commerce Summit 2019 Barcelona, Spain Retail
    May 20-22 Digiday Brand Summit Europe Dublin, Ireland Brands
    May 21-22 Digital Summit: Atlanta GA, Atlanta Digital
    May 21-22 Digital Marketing in Healthcare Summit PA, Philadelphia Industry
    May 21-22 SMX London London, UK Search
    May 21-22 Programmatic Pioneers Summit: London London, UK Advertising
    May 21-23 Digital Business World Congress Madrid, Spain Digital
    May 22-23 PPC Masters TBD Search
    May 22-23 DigiMarCon Silicon Valley CA, San Francisco Digital
    May 23-24 #DMWF Expo Global London, UK Digital
    May 27-28 GPeC E-Commerce Summit Bucharest, Romania Retail

    May 29-31

Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit TX, Austin Advertising
    May 29-31 Retail Global Gold Coast Gold Coast, Australia Retail
    May 30-31 The Brand Marketing Summit: West CA, San Francisco Brands

? June ?

    Dates Event Name Location Category
    Jun 2 Digital Marketing International Expo Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel Digital
    Jun 3-5 SMX Advanced: Seattle WA, Seattle Search
    Jun 4-5 Digital Summit: Austin TX, Austin Digital
    Jun 4-5 Savant eCommerce Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden Retail
    Jun 4-5 Interact Warsaw 2019 Warsaw, Poland Advertising
    Jun 5-6 DigiMarCon South TX, Houston Digital
    Jun 6 Digital Elite Day (Search / CRO) London, UK Digital
    Jun 8 Content Marketing Summit Asia: JAPAC Tokyo, Japan Content
    Jun 8 MeasureCamp: Manchester Manchester, UK Analytics
    Jun 8 MeasureCamp: Dublin Dublin, Ireland Analytics
    Jun 8 MeasureCamp: Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark Analytics
    Jun 9-12 MediaPost Email Marketing Summit NC, Pinehurst Email
    Jun 10-11 SearchLove Boston MA, Boston Search
    Jun 10-13 Conquer Local CA, San Diego Local
    Jun 10-12 Mobile Connect CA, San Diego Mobile
    Jun 10-11 Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit Toronto, Canada Industry
    Jun 10 Hypergrowth London London, UK Digital
    Jun 11-12 Digital Summit: Portland OR, Portland Digital
    Jun 11-12 Rakuten Dealmaker: New York NY, New York Affiliate
    Jun 13-14 Social Media Week: Los Angeles CA, Los Angeles Social
    Jun 12-13 DigiMarCon West CA, Los Angeles Digital
    Jun 12-13 BEHAVE 2019 NV, Las Vegas Retail
    Jun 12-15 Publishing Insider Summit NC, Pinehurst Publishing
    Jun 12-14 SocialWest 2019 Calgary, Canada Social
    Jun 12-13 Savage Marketing Amsterdam, Netherlands Digital
    Jun 13-15 Elite Camp 2019 Laulasmaa, Estonia Conversion
    Jun 15 MeasureCamp: Auckland Auckland, New Zealand Analytics
    Jun 17-19 Digital Growth Unleashed NV, Las Vegas Digital
    Jun 18-19 Email Innovations Summit NV, Las Vegas Email
    Jun 18-19 eTail Europe London, UK Retail
    Jun 18-19 Social Media Week Lima OH, Lima Social
    Jun 19-21 Social Media Day Jacksonville FL, Jacksonville Social
    Jun 19 SearchLeeds Leeds, UK Search
    Jun 20-21 DigiMarCon Midwest IL, Chicago Digital
    Jun 20-22 Web Marketing Festival 2019 Rimini, Italy Digital
    Jun 20-22 NamesCon Europe 2019 Cascais, Portugal Domains
    Jun 21 MnSearch Summit MN, St. Paul Digital
    Jun 21 Social Media Day Halifax Halifax, Canada Social
    Jun 25-28 IRCE IL, Chicago Retail
    Jun 25-26 Digital Summit: Denver CO, Denver Digital
    Jun 25-26 The Brand Marketing Summit: Europe London, UK Brands
    Jun 25-26 Digital Publishing Innovation Summit London, UK Publishing
    Jun 25-26 Digital Travel Summit Europe London, UK Industry
    Jun 25 State of Social ’19 Perth, Australia Social
    Jun 26 Intrigue Summit: New York NY, New York Digital
    Jun 27 Social Media Day: Houston TX, Houston Social
    Jun 27 Social Media Day: Philadelphia PA, Philadelphia Social
    Jun 27-28 Adobe Symposium Australia Sydney, Australia Digital
    Jun 28 Social Media Day: San Diego CA, San Diego Social
    Jun 29 MeasureCamp: Faro Faro, Portugal Analytics

? July ?

    Dates Event Name Location Category
    Jul 3 Nottingham Digital Summit Nottingham, UK Digital
    Jul 7-14 DigiMarCon Cruise FL, Orlando Digital
    Jul 8-9 Affiliate World Europe Barcelona, Spain Affiliate
    Jul 10-13 VidCon CA, Anaheim Video
    Jul 15-17 MozCon WA, Seattle Digital
    Jul 15-17 Digital Food & Beverage TX, Austin Industry
    Jul 16-19 Amsterdam Affiliate Conference Amsterdam, Netherlands Affiliate
    Jul 17 Interactive Minds Digital Summit: Brisbane Brisbane, Australia Digital
    Jul 19-20 Midwest e-Com Conference MN, Minneapolis Retail
    Jul 19 Interactive Minds Digital Summit: Melbourne Melbourne, Australia Digital
    Jul 22-24 NRF NXT NV, Las Vegas Retail
    Jul 24 ANA 2019 Digital & Social Media Conference CA, San Diego Digital
    Jul 24-25 Digital Summit: Philadelphia PA, Philadelphia Digital
    Jul 27 MeasureCamp: San Francisco CA, San Francisco Analytics
    Jul 31-Aug 1 Commerce Next NY, New York Retail
    Jul 31-Aug 1 Engage 2019 CA, Santa Clara Search

? August ?

    Dates Event Name Location Category
    Aug 6-7 IMPACT Live 2019 CT, Hartford Digital
    Aug 10 Mailcon NY, New York Email
    Aug 11-13 Affiliate Summit East NY, New York Affiliate
    Aug 13-16 Podcast Movement FL, Orlando Podcasting
    Aug 14-15 Digital Summit: Minneapolis MN, Minneapolis Digital
    Aug 15-16 Learn Inbound Dublin, Ireland Digital
    Aug 19-22 eTail East 2019 MA, Boston Retail
    Aug 20-22 Conex: The Content Experience Toronto, Canada Content
    Aug 20 Litmus Live: London London, UK Email
    Aug 22-23 DigiMarCon Australia Sydney, Australia Digital
    Aug 23 Utah DMC (Digital Marketing Conference) UT, Salt Lake City Digital
    Aug 28-29 Digital Summit: Chicago IL, Chicago Digital

☀️ September ☀️

    Dates Event Name Location Category
    Sep 3-6 INBOUND 2019 MA, Boston Digital
    Sep 3-6 Content Marketing World OH, Cleveland Content
    Sep 3 Hypergrowth Boston MA, Boston Digital
    Sep 3 Intrigue Summit: London London, UK Digital
    Sep 3 Growth Marketing Summit 2019 Frankfurt, Germany Digital
    Sep 4-5 Digital Summit: Washington DC DC, Washington Digital
    Sep 4-5 eTail Connect Autumn St. Albans, UK Retail
    Sep 4-7 FinCon DC, Washington Industry
    Sep 5-6 DigiMarCon UK London, UK Digital
    Sep 6-7 Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference PA, Philadelphia Podcasting
    Sep 9-11 Digital Analytics Hub VA, Leesburg Analytics
    Sep 11-13 Opticon19 CA, San Francisco Conversion
    Sep 11-12 #DMWF North America 2019 NY, New York Digital
    Sep 11-12 Digital Summit: Tampa FL, Tampa Digital
    Sep 11 Benchmark London, UK Search
    Sep 11-12 DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Conference & Expo) Cologne, Germany Digital
    Sep 11-12 Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Singapore Digital
    Sep 12 MeasureFest Brighton, UK Analytics
    Sep 12-13 BrightonSEO Brighton, UK Search
    Sep 16-17 Swivel Digital Marketing Conference OR, Bend Digital
    Sep 16-18 MarTech East MA, Boston MarTech
    Sep 16-18 eTail Connect CA, San Diego Retail
    Sep 16-18 Mobile Next AZ, Litchfield Park Mobile
    Sep 17-18 Brand ManageCamp NV, Las Vegas Brands
    Sep 17-18 Mobile Next AZ, Litchfield Park Retail
    Sep 18-19 Savant eCommerce London London, UK Retail
    Sep 18-19 Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit Hong Kong Digital
    Sep 19-20 Advanced Search Summit: DC DC, Washington Search
    Sep 19-20 The Agents of Change ME, Portland Digital
    Sep 19 Local U Advanced CA, Santa Monica Local
    Sep 19-20 DigiMarCon Asia Pacific Singapore Digital
    Sep 21 MeasureCamp: London London, UK Analytics
    Sep 24-25 Paris Retail Week Paris, France Digital
    Sep 25-27 Connect to Convert MA, Boston Conversion
    Sep 25-26 Digital Summit: Detroit MI, Detroit Digital
    Sep 25-26 Ecommerce Expo London, UK Retail
    Sep 26 International Search Summit Boston MA, Boston Search
    Sep 26-27 India Affiliate Conference Grugram, India Affiliate

? October ?

    Dates Event Name Location Category
    Oct 1 Lengow Day Paris, France Retail
    Oct 1-2 Affiliate Summit Asia Pacific Singapore Affiliate
    Oct 2-3 Digital Summit: Charlotte NC, Charlotte Digital
    Oct 2-3 B2SMBI Global Conference IL, Chicago Local
    Oct 2-3 eTail Nordic Norway, Denmark Retail
    Oct 5 Social Media Day Denver CO, Denver Social
    Oct 7-10 Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2019 NV, Las Vegas Digital
    Oct 7-9 eTourism Summit CA, San Francisco Industry
    Oct 8-10 Litmus Live: Boston MA, Boston Email
    Oct 10 SearchStars Malmö, Sweden Search
    Oct 13-16 Local Search Summit 2019 Lisbon, Portugal Local
    Oct 14-15 Luxury Interactive NY, New York Industry
    Oct 14-15 SearchLove: London London, UK Search
    Oct 15-17 Social Media Strategies Summit: NYC NY, New York Social
    Oct 15-17 Social Media Strategies Summit: Higher Ed NY, New York Industry
    Oct 15-16 AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O NY, New York Advertising
    Oct 16-18 MarketingProfs B2B Forum DC, Washington B2B
    Oct 16-17 Digital Growth Unleashed London, UK Digital
    Oct 16-17 Email Innovations Summit: London London, UK Email
    Oct 16-17 Marketing Evolution Experience (formerly eMetrics) London, UK Analytics
    Oct 16-17 DigiMarCon India New Delhi Mobile
    Oct 16 Mobile Marketing London Summit London, UK Mobile
    Oct 16-17 Savant eCommerce Barcelona Barcelona, Spain Retail
    Oct 16-19 Lisbon Affiliate Conference Lisbon, Portugal Affiliate
    Oct 17-18 Seattle Interactive Conference WA, Seattle Digital
    Oct 17 3XE Digital Dublin, Ireland Search
    Oct 19 MeasureCamp: Brussels Brussels, Belgium Analytics
    Oct 21-22 The Brand Marketing Summit: East NY, New York Brands
    Oct 21-22 Digital Summit: Boston MA, Boston Digital
    Oct 22-23 PI Live 2019 London, UK Affiliate
    Oct 22-23 Influencer Marketing Show London, UK Affiliate
    Oct 23-24 DigiMarCon Middle East Dubai, UAE Digital
    Oct 25 Transformation of Search Summit NY, New York Search
    Oct 27-30 LavaCon Content Strategy Conference OR, Portland Content
    Oct 28 Content Jam Chicago, IL Content
    Oct 29-30 AI in Digital Marketing Summit NY, New York MarTech
    Oct 30 MarTech Festival London, UK MarTech
    Oct 30-31 DigiMarCon South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa Digital
    Oct 31-Nov 1 Social Media Week London London, UK Social

? November ?

    Dates Event Name Location Category
    Nov 1-3 DMSS (Digital Marketing Skill Share) Bali, Indonesia Digital
    Nov 4-5 State of Search Dallas, TX Search
    Nov 4-6 Healthcare Internet Conference Orlando, FL Industry
    Nov 5-7 SMXL Italy Italy, Milan Digital
    Nov 6-7 B2B Online Europe 2019 Barcelona, Spain B2B
    Nov 7-8 Open Mobile Summit San Francisco, CA Mobile
    Nov 7-8 UnGagged Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA Digital
    Nov 7-8 Cambridge Social Media Day Cambridge, UK Social
    Nov 9-11 Youpreneur Summit London, UK Digital
    Nov 11-13 B2B Online Miami Miami, FL B2B
    Nov 11-13 Native Advertising Days Berlin, Germany Advertising
    Nov 12-13 Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit New York, NY Industry
    Nov 13-14 Internet Summit Raleigh, NC Digital
    Nov 13-14 SMX East New York, NY Search
    Nov 13-15 Social Fresh 2019 Winter Park, FL Social
    Nov 13-14 ad:tech Mumbai Mumbai, India Advertising
    Nov 14-15 Litmus Live: San Francisco San Francisco, CA Email
    Nov 14 International Search Summit Barcelona Barcelona, Spain Search
    Nov 15 ad:tech Auckland Auckland, New Zealand Advertising
    Nov 18 Hypergrowth San Francisco San Francisco, CA Digital
    Nov 19-22 Dreamforce 2019 San Francisco, CA Other
    Nov 24-25 DMIEXPO Tel-Aviv, Israel Digital & Affiliate
    Nov 25-26 #DMWF Expo Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands Digital
    Nov 27-28 ad:tech Tokyo Tokyo, Japan Advertising

❄️ December ❄️

    Dates Event Name Location Category
    Dec 2 Programmatic Punch UK London, UK Advertising
    Dec 3-4 Digital Summit: Dallas Dallas, TX Digital
    Dec 4-5 Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Hong Kong Digital
    Dec 5 App Promotion Summit Berlin, Germany Mobile
    Dec 10-11 Growth Marketing Conference San Francisco, CA Digital

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