Snapchat Email Finder Tools And Methods: How To Find Someone’s Email On Snapchat

Being a platform for sharing photos and video snaps, Snapchat has gained immense popularity as a space for personal connections and an opportunity for businesses to advertise and promote their brand, build tights with influencers, and grow sales.

However, the problem with Snapchat is that finding users’ contacts can be rather hard there—its profiles commonly won’t display emails for you. But what if the solution for this particular issue exists? This post will give you all the answers, so read on.

Can you get an email from a Snapchat account?

Successful Snapchat email search depends on how much information the user is willing to reveal and how persistent you are in finding it. 

Although the Snapchat app does not provide a section for personal contact details such as email address and phone number on its user profile, some users may choose to share their email address in their bio. What’s more, you can always try looking for an email of a Snapchat user somewhere else. Below, we’ll discuss tools and methods you can try.

what is snapchat

How to find someone’s email on Snapchat with

So, is there a way to run a fast and easy Snapchat email lookup? In this chapter, we’ll discuss some techniques on how can help you find Snapchat users’ emails for free and with no headache. is a sales engagement and automation platform that includes a powerful email finder and verifier, helping you find and validate the email addresses of almost anyone on the web. Email Finder works as a browse͏r extension that you can install on Chrome and as a web app, allowing you to search email addresses by name, domain, location, job position, LinkedIn/Twitter profile link, etc. 

Collect leads from any website

Fill your sales funnel with verified contacts

Collect leads from any website

Now, let’s look at possible scenarios where may help you get Snapchat users’ emails.

You know the name of a Snapchat user

In this case, try finding their email address with a database search. 

For example, I’ve come across a profile of a leadership and growth marketing adviser, Gary Vaynerchuk, where he didn’t share an email. 

So I went to my app and used a Database search, inserting his first and last name.

The tool generated two results:

gary 2

I’ve added them to my prospect list:

gary 3

And now I’ve got his two email addresses:

gary 4

A green email address is valid, so now I can contact Gary using it 🙂

You know the website of a Snapchat user

In this scenario, you can visit their website and use the Email Finder extension to find the email address quickly. 

For instance, a famous motivational speaker, Marie Forleo, doesn’t have an email in her bio. 


But I just googled her and found her website with ease:

marie 2

Then, I installed the Email Finder extension, went to her website, and simply clicked on the icon in the top right corner, waiting till the tool did its job:

marie 3

I found her contact details and added them to the list, so her email address was already in my account:

marie 3

You know the Twitter account of a Snapchat user

You don’t necessarily need the website of a Snapchat user to find their email address. Not everybody has their own website, after all. If you know their Twitter account, however, will find their email in no time. 

I checked it by myself with the above-mentioned Marie Forleo. Now I googled her Twitter account:

marie 4

While viewing her Twitter profile, I just clicked on the Email Finder extension and watched the magic happen:

marie 5

What I needed to do was just to save the prospect to my list!

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You know the LinkedIn account of a Snapchat user

Business personas do have LinkedIn accounts, don’t they? So why not check them? 

While browsing influencers and entrepreneurs on the Snapchat app, I came across the profile of Saygin Yalcin, and yes, he shared no email there as usual.


So I googled his LinkedIn account:

saygin 2

Then, I installed the Li Prospect Finder extension (this extension works specifically with LinkedIn), went to his LinkedIn profile, clicked on the respective icon, and the tool found me this prospect in seconds:

saygin 3

So by clicking ‘Save’, I made his email fly to my list:

saygin 4

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What makes the platform a special charm is that it offers a personal workspace where you can keep all your email lists, verify them, and create AI-powered automated email campaigns that you may program up to your needs.

Email finder. Email verifier. Email outreach. is your all-in-one Swiss knife for email automation.

Email finder. Email verifier. Email outreach.

The most popular methods of Snapchat email lookup

Now, let’s focus on the most common methods that you can use to find emails on Snapchat.


How to find someone’s email on Snapchat:

1. Check their bio
2. Visit their website
3. Explore other social platforms
4. Use Google search
5. Ask directly

1. Check their bio

Snapchat allows users to set up public profiles, where they can showcase their profile picture, brief bio, Stories, and Spotlights. Some users may also share their email addresses in the bio section.

To grab one, go to a user’s profile page and check the bio. If there’s an email there, you’re lucky. If not, it means the user has chosen not to share it publicly. 

snapchat email

2. Visit their website

Some users, especially influencers and businesses, may link their websites or blogs in their bio. You can also look up their names on Google to see whether they have other platforms.

snapchat website

Go to their website and find an information section where they may provide their email address:

snapchat website 2

Alternatively, there might be a form that you can fill in to drop them a message:

snapchat 4

You’ll have their email address once they get your message and respond.

3. Explore other social platforms

Many Snapchatters also hang out on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. They use these platforms to share content, connect with their followers, and promote their brand. You might see links to these other socials right in their Snapchat bio.

If this is the case, your Snapchat email search strategy should include checking out these social platforms.

4. Use Google search

Google is the savviest detective—it finds almost anything. Why not try using it as a Snapchat email finder? You can search for the Snapchat username and see if any results show their email address. Add in your request symbols like ͏quotation marks, plus sign, minus sign, etc., to narro͏w down your search and filter out irrelevant͏ results. 

For example, you can type in the following quer͏ies:

  • “{firstname}” + “”
  • “@{username}” + “”
  • “{firstname}” + “@{companydomain}”
  • “@{username}” + “@{companydomain}”

Just don’t stick to Gmail only. Experiment with other domain providers like Yahoo and Hotmail. You can never predict where that sneaky email address might be.

5. Ask directly

If you’re connected with a person on Snapchat, you can simply ask for their email in a message. Just explain the reason why you need it, ensure security, and be respectful.

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Snapchat email finder tools

Apart from the methods described above, you may try finding Snapchat users’ emails with the help of special lookup tools such as Social Catfish, IStauhcn, or Spokeo. They all promise to scan social media profiles and grab emails for you. Although my tests were not 100% successful, it may be worth giving these tools a chance as well. 

Social Catfish 

Social Catfish is both a direct and reverse email lookup tool that allows you to find any contact data of a person you’re interested in based on the following data—name, email, username, phone number, address, and image. So, if you know your prospect’s username or actual name, you may try to find their email by these two parameters:

social catfish


iStaunch is another solution you can try for Snapchat email lookup. All you need to do is type the username in the box and tap the Find Email button. 



To find a person’s email address with Spokeo, go to Username Search, type that person’s Snapchat username in the search bar, and click the “Search Now” button. The tool will give you a report, including the name, phone number, and email address.


No matter which tool, service, or method you choose for finding emails on this app, remember to verify all emails you’ve found to ensure you’ll be sending emails only to valid addresses.

Verify emails with’s Email Verifier

Single or in bulk

Verify emails with’s Email Verifier

Final words

Finding someone’s email from Snapchat can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. In this post, I’ve provided you with the most popular methods you may try and some tools you may use for your search so you can experiment.

On top of that, now you know how may help you reveal emails even in the most complicated scenarios like Snapchat email lookup. Try it yourself, and feel free to use to automate the outreach process.


  • Can I directly see someone’s email on their Snapchat profile?

    Snapchat does not display email addresses on user profiles for pri͏vacy reasons. However, some users may choose to share their email addresses publicly on their Snapchat bio, website, or other social media platforms.͏ You can use these sources for Snapchat email lookup.
  • How do you find emails on Snapchat?

    To find the email associated with a Snapchat account, you can check public profiles, conduct a Google search, visit their website, explore other social platforms, or check their Snapchat bio. You can also try the Email Finder to search for emails from Snapchat users in their database, from their website, LinkedIn, or Twitter profile.
  • Is it legal to search for someon͏e’s ͏email from Snapchat?

    It depends on your purpose and the consent of the person you are searching for. Hacking͏ into private accounts or profiles is illegal. But it’s okay if you respect the user's privacy and security by using their email address only for legitimate and ethical purposes.

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