Sales pitch

Crafting a good sales pitch that will encourage your clients to take the next steps with you is tough. Some marketers come up with great sales pitch ideas but forget that it’s not only about figures, results, and facts that you throw at your customer. Rather, there are fundamental elements that need to be included in sales decks.

Sales pitch meaning

A sales pitch is a sales representative’s effort to present a product or service to new or existing customers and persuade them to make a purchase.

What is a synonym for sales pitch?

A synonym for a sales pitch is a sales presentation, whereby a sales person shortly presents a solution to prospective customers.

A sales pitch can vary in length and style depending on the audience, and include an introduction to a product, documents, diagrams, or other advertising media. 

Still, short pitching is better -1-3 minutes will be enough for a perfect pitch to describe the product’s benefits and grab the customer’s attention. In your pitch, you should explain how your product can help people and how they can generate revenue with its help.

Recipe for the best sales pitch

Step 1. Know your customers  

Know your buyer persona and find out customers’ needs beforehand and draw attention to the product’s features that can solve their problems. If you can’t clearly understand what they’ll gain with your solution, then they’ll have no reason to buy it. Explain how your product can save time, cut costs, increase profits, etc. Be prepared to give an example of how you already helped someone. 

Know your customers

Step 2. Concentrate on communicating 

A successful sales pitch is a dialogue rather than a monologue. People often ask questions, and it’s a great chance to include them in a discussion and build a relationship with your potential customers. Listen attentively and show how exactly your product offers a solution to their issue. Wendy Weiss, a sales coach, also known as The Queen of Cold Calling, says:

A good pitch is one where you ask questions, listen to the prospects, and offer them a solution to a problem.

Step 3. Outshine the competition

Everybody has a competitor. You’ve got to know your market to show your special secret.

Tell the main feature that makes you different from others. How are you better than your competitors?

Step 4. Tell a story to create a connection  

With the story of your brand and product that supports your statements, you can quickly involve a modern customer to want to know more. When you do this efficiently, you will set a strong connection between you and your customer. Prospects often correlate successful stories to their life, and this brings them more reasons to buy.

Tell a story to create a connection
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Step 5. Be enthusiastic and emotional

Show your passion and dedication to the product. Emotions are contagious. Bring life to your pitch! If you’re not passionate about it, why should anyone else be? 

Step 6. Add confidence to your speech

Assure an audience that your pitch is worth listening to and make people feel confident about purchasing what you’re pitching. Once you’ve created your pitch, practice until you feel confident presenting it in front of customers. Practice makes perfect.

Step 7. Call to action 

Don’t cut your pitch with a simple “Thank you.” Do your best to attract customers’ emotional attention. Build a connection with them so that they are ready to convert and throw money at you before you leave or so that they certainly want to get in touch with you. 

Here’s one of the best sales pitch examples to close a deal. Take a look at the previously outlined points.

Step 8. Learn from others

There’s plenty of useful sales pitch templates, scripts, examples, and success stories on the internet. Get inspiration from what others have created or check out videos where experienced entrepreneurs share their secrets to the perfect sales pitch.

What to include in your sales presentation

Draw the attention to your visuals that back up your speech. You may use posters, handouts, whiteboards, etc. 

The most commonly used form of visual aid now is a PowerPoint presentation. But be careful with it. Omit long-text slides, as well as bullets and numbers, as they may often distract people from the verbal pitch. Besides, many customers find pitches with slides boring. Just go with a headline or images to keep the audience engaged. 

Present your company logo. A picture’s worth a thousand words. The customer looks at the logo, remembers it, and then focuses on a sales rep, listening to reasons it’s worth attention. 

Email drip campaigns

What are the sales presentation tips?

David Rose, a serial entrepreneur and investor, defines top five presentation tips:

  1. Never look at the screen. You’re making a connection with people; the screen should be an addition to what you’re doing, not a replacement. 
  2. Don’t read your speech. 
  3. The handouts you give are not your presentation. The purpose of your pitch is to attract the customer’s attention. If you want to give more detailed information, prepare handouts.
  4. Always use a remote control. Don’t disturb people by touching the computer all the time.
  5. Always use presenter mode. It lets you know exactly where you’re going, helps take your time, and gives you a timer.
Sales pitch presentation

Wrapping it up

Use the aforementioned tips to succeed with your pitch. It’s extremely important to present a crystal clear brief outline of your product that will raise customers’ awareness and leave a trace to think and certainly close a sale!

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