How to use the Domain Search tool

You can get email addresses, prospects and company info from a particular domain.

1. Choose the Domain Search tool.

To find email addresses associated with a specific domain, choose the Domain Search option in the Find Emails drop-down menu.

domain search

2. Perform the search.

This tool is very easy to use – all you need to do is to type in a company’s domain name in the field like in the example below and click the Search button.


3. Save the results.

Once the search is completed, you will see the company profile where you can view more details about the searched company. All email addresses are placed right below. 

Here you can choose the displayed tabs with prospects, all domain emails, generic contacts or technologies [1]. To ease your search, filter emails by position [2].

Mark the checkboxes of the needed contacts or choose them all [3] and add to one of your prospects lists [4]. Adding Prospects costs an additional 1 credit per prospect, as it also contains information like verified emails, job position, and other details.

If you ever want to review the searched companies, all the domains searched via this tool will be saved to your Plugin History, which you can find in the Businesses tab:

domain search

Now when you’ve collected the contacts, you are ready to build your first email drip campaign!