How to delete your email address from

IN THIS ARTICLE: Find out how to claim your email address and have it permanently removed from users lists and campaigns.

1) How sources emails

2) How to remove your email address

3) FAQs cares about your personal data privacy & security and doesn’t collect personal email contacts through its prospecting tools.

We aim at providing our customers with business emails that are relevant to their search requests, in order to help them reach the right people.

How sources emails

We apply various techniques in our email finder tools:

  • Scanning through publicly available data sources and web pages
  • Searching for contact information on professional social network profiles
  • Guessing and verification: we generate an email address based on the publicly available data and common email patterns, e.g., then we confirm its accuracy by running through a verification process.

Claim your email address

If you would like your email address to be removed from the system, fill out the claim form on our website.

By claiming your email, it will be deleted from all users’ lists and prevented from receiving any email campaigns. Additionally, we will ensure that your email does not appear in the search results of our prospecting tools and not allowed to be uploaded to our platform from users email lists.

To request email address removal: 

The email address you provide in this form will only be used by to verify email address ownership.

We will send a message to that email address with subject “Email claim confirmation”.

  • Enter confirmation code

Insert the code from the confirmation email into the email claim form.

  • Confirm by clicking Claim my email address


1. I see “This email does not exist” message after claiming my email address. What does it mean? 

It means that the email address you entered doesn’t seem to be a part of’s mailing lists or database. We can only claim email contacts that we have on record.

2. Is it possible for me to confirm that you have removed my email address from

Your claim request is taken care of immediately after confirming it. If you try entering your email address into the claim form again, you’ll see that it’s already been claimed.

3. Where did you get my email address from? I don’t share it anywhere online. users can import their own databases acquired from other services or sources where your email address (personal or business) may have been present. 

To avoid having your email address added to users’ lists in the future and remove it from the existing lists, we kindly ask you to claim it.

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