What is the difference between monthly and yearly plans?

Snov.io’s paid plans are billed in two ways: monthly and yearly.

 Monthly subscription

Monthly plans are subscription-based. Billing cycle starts on the day of purchase and is renewed automatically every 30 days. You can disable automatic renewal at anytime and use your account balances until the end of the billing cycle.

At the end of the current billing period your account is switched to a free version unless renewed manually.

Keeping auto-renewal mode enabled on monthly plans makes your remaining credits roll-over to the next billing cycle.

You can updgrade/downgrade at anytime. Learn about conditions here.

Annual plan

Annual option is a license to use a chosen plan for 12-month period. It is billed as a single payment on the day of purchase and does not have an automatic renewal.

Every 30 days your account balance gains a number of credits/email recipents per chosen plan.

Remaining credits do not roll over from month to month, but the annual plan costs 25% less for all plan tiers compared to a year-long monthly subscription price.

After 12 months, your annual plan is automatically renewed for the next year.

You can updgrade/downgrade at anytime. Learn about conditions here.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at help@snov.io or via live chat. 

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