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Mass email merge extension for personalized Gmail campaigns

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GBlast is a free unlimited Chrome extension that lets anyone send professional email campaigns from Gmail



Send mass emails individually including personalization variables for each recipient.



GBlast builds right into your Gmail account, no tab switching or additional settings



Set your own limits, add Cc/Bcc recipients and control your sending to preserve account reputation

Big Lightning

Transform your Gmail into a powerful sales tool

Install GBlast for Gmail

No credit card needed

No sign-up

1 minute set-up

Install & start sending.

Install & start sending

GBlast doesn’t require registration or complicated set-up. Simply install the extension, open your Gmail, and start sending personalized mail merge campaigns in under a minute.

Add as many recipients as you want

Make bulk emails look personally crafted. Add 2, 200 or 2,000 recipients - the size of your campaign is up to you. You’re only limited in Google’s own per-day limit.

Add as many recipients as you want.
Engage recipients with personalization.

Engage recipients with personalization

Not all mail merge is created equal. Spice up and personalize your emails with personalization variables to improve CTR and conversions.

Stay in control of your campaigns

Add Cc/Bcc recipients, add new recipients, and edit your campaign even after launching. View campaigns’ status and fine-tune your messages right from Gmail.

Stay in control of your campaigns.

A must-have tool for email marketing, sales, outreach, professional communication, or everyday use.

Install GBlast for Gmail

More features coming soon

Test emails

Contacted recipients filtering

Same-thread follow-up sending

Campaign result notifications

Unsubscribe link

Open and link click tracking

Recipient list file upload

Personalization data upload

Email scheduling

Automated follow-ups based on reply, linkclick, or no response

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