Roman Hu is quick, helpful and accommodates all our lead generation needs.

Roman Hu

Marketing Manager at Omnipart

Roman Hu
Marketing Manager at Omnipart
About company

Omnipart is a hardware, furniture, and electronics company exporting goods to over 20 countries with five global subsidiaries.

The challenge

Our business, just like others, relies on finding customers globally and convincing them to choose our services over competitors. Omnipart is a provider at a global level, meaning that we need to adjust our lead generation process to different ICPs.

As we started looking for partners, we faced poor lead quality and a lack of information associated with an email. Often, we’d spent a great deal of time guessing leads’ email addresses. All this resulted in a slow lead generation process and, to be fair, disappointing results.

The solution

Today, we use’s email search tools to find accurate, high-quality prospects and send personalized cold outreach campaigns. So far, the results we get with have been more than satisfactory. Our team plans to try other tools and features to scale lead generation and grow our results even more.

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The experience

What else can I say about the service? is quick, helpful, and accommodates all our lead generation needs.

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