Stephan Spijkers's Email Finder, paired with Email Drip Campaigns, has taken our cold outreach and marketing automation to new heights!
Now, we're connecting with prospects faster and more consistently.

Stephan Spijkers

Co-founder & Co-owner of PIMvendors

Stephan Spijkers
Co-founder & Co-owner of PIMvendors
About company

PIMvendors, a Software Development and Business Consulting company, specializes in helping numerous businesses select tailor-fitted Product Information Management systems. They aim to assist organizations in effectively managing their extensive product data, streamlining workflows, and maintaining digital process efficiency.

The challenge

PIMvendors offers a simple 3-step approach for selecting the right PIM Tool and Implementation Partner, ensuring a hassle-free experience that meets clients' business needs.

Our primary task is to gather leads for cold outreach and establish effective communication and a personal connection with them. And helps us reach our goals every step of the way!


We entrusted our cold outreach and marketing efforts to three years ago, and it paid off big time. Their comprehensive toolset provided us with a fully automated prospecting and lead generation system that operates flawlessly.

Specifically, the combination of's Email Finder and Email Drip Campaigns works perfectly for us. The Email Finder collects lists of pre-verified prospect contacts, and the Email Drip Campaigns tool helps us create personalized emails and schedule automated follow-ups, preventing potential deals from slipping through the cracks. For the record, with the help of, we turned 15 leads into four happy customers!

Plus, with the intuitive CRM, we can seamlessly integrate our data into other systems, including Make and Zapier, so that our sales teams can efficiently process any information.

Read and hear real stories from customers

The experience has totally revamped our cold outreach and marketing automation. It has been a smooth journey, and we are not planning to stop anytime soon.

What's more? We're always excited to see what new features has in store. For example, we have been experimenting with AI Email Writer to craft customized content for our emails. This helps us save time and create well-structured, high-quality emails.

Way to go,! Fresh leads, automated follow-up and continuous improvement on the tool—you’ve got everything we need in our cold outreach and marketing workflows!

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