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“Selling through demos is horrible — we’re always caught in a feature battle.” Sounds familiar?

The harsh reality is that most SaaS startups get healthy leads only to lose them in mid-funnel. Why? Because their demos take up way too much time, are way too technical, and are so boring that the prospect is actually checking their email and politely nodding along the entire time.

It’s why so many calls end with a “We’ll talk internally and get back to you,” and if they do get back, they haggle over pricing and feature-shop you against competitors.

There is a better way. is excited to partner with Rajiv Nathan, aka ‘RajNATION,’ Founder of Startup Hypeman, for a masterclass on how to conduct successful demo calls. Startup Hypeman has trained SaaS companies for years to run more engaging, higher-converting demos, and now he’s sharing this knowledge with you.

Want your lowest-performing sales executive to score a 99% conversion rate improvement in under three months? Want your team to 2x their quota? Want to become the top revenue producer at your company?

In this live workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why your demos fall flat and how that decimates your average order value.
  • How to structure your call flow to get prospects excitedly asking YOU for the next steps and to increase conversion rates.
  • How to position your company as a category leader where buyers aspire to become your customer.
  • How to implement a coaching system for scalable, repeatable success.

 Who will find this workshop useful:

CEOs, sales leaders, and sellers — anyone selling through demos and striving for higher conversions.

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Hosted by:

Rajiv Nathan

Founder of Startup Hypeman

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