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Check email addresses to ensure your email list is valid and bounce-free
Get 200 free verifications per month.
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Clean your email list from abandoned emails

Problem is that invalid emails bounce back when you send to them. It may lead to account suspension when bounce rate is too high. Your bounce rate should stay within 10-15% threshold. Upload your list to validate emails or clean emails you find with Snovio. Snovio can reduce your bounce rate by 91%. We will check every email address you have.

We care about accuracy
Since we apply real-time verification we deliver only fresh results. We also aggregate data from other services so we can produce less "Catch-all email statuses".
Our email verifier is fast
Clean thousands of emails within minutes! We guarantee good and competitive speed of email verification. No matter how huge your email list is, we will validate it within reasonable amount of time.
The best free plan
Our free plan never expires giving you 200 email checks. All features are unlocked including verified email list export options. We can give you more free credits upon request.
How much is your email verifier?

One email verification costs 0.5 of a credit. Free plan allows 200 email verifications per account. You get 200 free emails each month.

How do I export valid emails?

You will have three options:

Export all prospects and emails;

Export valid emails only (those marked green);

Export valid and emails with uncertain status (do not export invalid emails). We will still export prospects where emails were marked as invalid, but invalid emails will not be exported.

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