Top of the funnel (TOFU)

TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU stand for the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel and depict different stages of the buyer’s journey.

TOFU definition

Top of the funnel marketing, or TOFU marketing term refers to strategies that are concentrated on the first stage of the buyer’s journey – awareness – focused on attracting as many leads to your business as possible.


At this stage, marketers have to search for as many leads as possible since their number is going to be reduced as they move through the funnel. Those who are genuinely interested in buying your products or services will continue to discover more about your offers. Those who have no interest in your products or services will leak out of your sales funnel.

TOFU (top of funnel) goal

The purpose of TOFU marketing is to familiarize the audience with your product and demonstrate its value. Investigate and analyze what sort of content your viewers want. 

At this stage, prospects already understand their problem and search for relevant information on how to solve it. They may look for useful blog posts, find your article on Google, read it, and click on your landing page. Then they might read everything about your products and services and become your customers. 

Your prospects may also run into your content on social media or see one of your videos on the web. If your content is worthy and your products and services are useful for the audience, future customers are in your pocket! 

But don’t focus your forces on selling your product just now. You’ll be able to do it with your MOFU content.

Types of TOFU content to create

TOFU content has little to do with products and services; it is focused on your buyers’ interests and needs. Show that you are useful. To reach a wide number of potential customers, you can use the following types of content:

TOFU content

Blog posts 

A blog is a great way to educate website guests and inspire them to learn more. By creating blog posts on a particular topic, you make your leads come back next time they have any questions.

What you should pay attention to while using blog posts at the top of the funnel is ensuring that you provide SEO content. Make sure you’ve optimized the keywords searched by buyers to make your articles easy to find.

Social media posts 

Publish your content on LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook, or wherever your target leads are. Find out your buyers’ channels and direct your forces accordingly.

The main task here is to maintain the frequency of posting. Make it regular and high-quality. A good first impression by social postings will move your audience further through the sales funnel. 

Online ads

Invest in advertising on paid platforms to reach new leads and scale quickly. As Blair Nordstrom, Demand Generation Manager of Vendasta, said: 

Advertising transcends the whole sales funnel. You could use it to generate interest, or you could use it to retarget and nurture leads.


Information is always taken easier when it’s visualized. Provide infographics to help customers better understand the problem or question they’re facing. They are a creative way to expand your brand’s authority on a given subject. 

You can use infographics as a microcontent for a blog or video or as an independent content. In both cases, such TOFU content can quickly attract a wide audience. Remember to use your brand theme and logo on your infographics. 


Videos have proved to win more views than just text and pictures combined. You are more likely to watch a 2-minute video than read a thousand-word article.

What is more, Google loves videos and if you optimize your video content for SEO, you can reach an even wider audience and improve your views. Choose an interesting title and description and add a link to your website and product for further contact. 


An eBook is an electronic book usually stored as a PDF file that can be read via reader applications. Just like a printed book, it allows you to bookmark pages, add notes, highlight sentences, etc. Furthermore, eBook readers also have embedded dictionaries, as well as changeable font sizes and styles. 

Take a chance and share profound knowledge. Cover the most worthwhile information your leads can be interested in. Remember that your goal is to attract new leads, don’t be focused on selling.  

email drip campaigns

Wrapping it up

If your TOFU content succeeds, customers will want to get more info about your business and how it can help them. As a result, they will move onto the next stage – middle of the funnel. In the end, they will reach the last stage – bottom of the funnel – and finally convert and buy the product

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