How to get email addresses from a list of domains

1. Choose the Bulk Domain Search option in the Find Emails drop-down menu.

bulk domain search

2. Choose a source for the search.

You have 2 options:

  • Upload a CSV file with domain names from your computer.
  • Choose one of the lists of companies you’ve previously found with and saved to your account.

bulk search

Please note: can only process up to 20,000 company domains at a time and needs your file to contain domains only.
Here’s an example:

bulk search

3. Choose one of the following options to set up the necessary parameters.

You have 2 search options:

  • Emails only
  • Prospects

bulk search

If you choose the Emails only option, you will receive a list of unverified emails without the additional data. This will cost 2 credits per every domain searched, no matter how many email addresses we find.
You can also decide how many email addresses you want to receive from each domain, with a maximum of 100 emails per domain.
Pick the type of emails you want to receive:

  • Generic (email addresses dedicated to a domain, e.g.;
  • Personal (email addresses of the employees at a company)
  • All other (all other emails that belong to the company)

bulk search

If you need more than Emails only, choose the second option – Prospects. You won’t just receive email addresses, but also full prospect information, such as job titles, location, company name etc. Moreover, all the emails will be verified.
The Prospects search costs only 1 credit per every prospect found.
Choose the number of prospects you want to receive from each domain and set the search filters:

  • Filter by position
  • Filter by country

While setting up the position filter, you can choose the following sub-options:

  • Exact match: in this case, you will receive the results for the indicated job title only (for example, if you want to find people with the CEO job title, this setting will help you filter out the unnecessary results like CEO’s assistant or CEO-partner).
  • Position contains: you will receive all the results that contain words indicated in the position title. If the position consists of 2 or more words, search results will be split. For example, searching for the position of Sales Manager, you will get separate results for Manager and Sales.

bulk search

4. When your search is complete, you can add the results to your Prospects list.

bulk search

We will show you how many credits you will be charged before adding the selected prospects to your list. You can confirm this action by choosing Yes or dismiss it by pressing Cancel.

bulk search

Check out a short video guide for your convenience on how to find emails with Bulk Domain Search:

Now, when you have a list of email contacts, you are ready to start your email drip campaign.

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