How to find and merge duplicates in 

If you have duplicate prospects for the same person in your prospect lists, you can merge them. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Click the Show prospects with duplicates icon to see all prospects with duplicates or directly click the contact icon.


Here you can check for duplicates in your prospects lists. 


Step 2. Click the Merge button if you want to combine your prospects into one.

Please note that you can merge only 2 prospects. If you have 3 or more duplicates, select the one you want to merge.


The duplicate prospect will be deleted. All the duplicate’s information, including emails, tags, experiences, and timeline activity, will be transferred to the main prospect. If there is any difference in duplicate profiles, the main prospect’s data will remain. 

You may also merge prospects in your prospect’s timeline by clicking the Merge button.


To point out that the indicated prospects are not duplicates, click the Not a duplicate button.


Contact our Customer Care team if you have any additional questions. We will gladly assist you!

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