How to sync your account with Google Calendar


Stop the hassle of switching between CRM and Google Calendar.

Sync them together to easily track all upcoming tasks related to your sales processes in CRM, avoid double-booking, and don’t waste time manually organizing your events across two calendars.

With the productivity-boosting Calendar Sync feature, you’ll automatically see your tasks in your Google Calendar, and the other way around.

How to activate Calendar Sync

Step 1. Go to the My Account page, find the Calendar Sync tab (1) by scrolling down, and click Sign In with Google (2).

Step 2. Choose the email account of the calendar you wish to sync with and allow to access your Google Calendar.

You will see your sync status as Active once the connection is set up.

Calendar Sync settings

There are several settings you can customize to make Calendar Sync work the way you need it to:

1. Choose a calendar to sync

Open Select calendar drop-down menu and choose which calendar you’d like to sync.

You’ll see a new calendar record “ – Your Name” as well as your existing active calendars. 

Color indicators of available calendars are corresponding with the colors from your Google Calendar for easy sync matching.

2. Select a Sync type

There’s a one-way Sync and a two-way Sync available:

  • Two-way Sync (1)
    With a two-way Sync enabled, all activities created in will appear in the linked Google Calendar, while all events scheduled in the Google Calendar will sync to Besides, all edits made in and Google Calendar will reflect in real-time, ensuring both calendars have an up-to-date schedule.
  • One-way Sync (2)
    With a one-way Sync enabled, all activities created in will appear in the linked Google Calendar, and only edits to Google Calendar events created in will sync back to Events created in the linked Google Calendar won’t be synced.

Note: only activities created or edited while the Sync status is Active will be synced from to Google Calendar.

In case the sync connection was interrupted, click Re-connect.

3. Use a “Save calendar events as” option

Choose how to Save calendar events to as: a task, email, meeting, or call. For example, if you select to save calendar events as Tasks, all events created in Google Calendar will have Task type when synced to

Note #1: this setting will apply only when the Two-way Sync is selected as the Sync type. 

Note #2: only Event type of record will be synced to from Google Calendar.

4. Choose activities to sync to Google Calendar

You can choose which types of activities, be it a task, email, meeting, or call, will be synced to your Google Calendar. If you don’t want a specific activity to be synced to your Google Calendar, unselect it.

By default, all activity types sync to Google Calendar.

Now that you’ve configured Calendar Sync, you can test how it works by creating an activity in and checking if it appears in your Google Calendar and vice-versa.

Learn how to create and schedule tasks in CRM from this article. Let your tasks be synchronized!

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