Konstantin Dubovitskiy

Snov.io is extremely easy to use and has one of the fastest learning curves.

Konstantin Dubovitskiy

Content Growth Manager at Firstbase

Konstantin Dubovitskiy
Content Growth Manager at Firstbase
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Firstbase is the №1 incorporation service in the USA that serves as a one-stop-shop that helps founders easily launch, manage, and grow their startups.

My team’s primary mission is finding contact information of potential partners and customers. This was also the major challenge for our sales team. And Snov.io solved it for us.

My colleague, Carlos Jiménez, introduced Snov.io to our team. After a short lead-in from Carlos, we started using it to find verified leads, send email campaigns and verify emails from our own database. We needed an all-in-one solution that would allow us to do everything we needed on a single platform. Snov.io was just perfect for this.

Snov.io covers all of our sales process, offering tools for everything from lead generation to nurturing prospects into customers. We start with Email Finder to find direct contacts of potential partners and customers, then we construct personalized email campaigns with automated follow-ups in Drip Campaigns, and, prior to sending, we use Email Verifier to clean our email lists from fake and bouncy emails. We also use Snov.io’s Email Tracker extension to monitor our email engagement in Gmail.

Snov.io is the most complete platform for cold email and prospecting strategy! It speeds up the process and turns possible future revenue into actual present.

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Here’s what we’ve achieved with Snov.io so far:

  • Grew conversions due to more productive sales operations
  • Onboarded 40+ affiliate partners that we have discovered and contacted through Snov.io
  • Found more API partners thanks to customizable and automated outbound campaigns

For us, Snov.io has become an integral part of our job. It is the primary tool in our sales arsenal.

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