Sundeep Reddy

Open rate is the most important metric for us, and we consistently hit 40% open rates with emails scraped with

Sundeep Reddy

Director at Growth Hackers

Sundeep Reddy
Director at Growth Hackers
About company

Growth Hackers is a performance marketing agency that helps companies like Decathlon, Tata, Salesforce, Universal Robots, Cuemath, etc., solve growth-related challenges.

The challenge

As any business at the start, Growth Hackers was not different from others and struggled with finding clients to get our business off the ground. We needed to generate the contacts of decision-makers in the most efficient and affordable way. In addition, we wanted a tool that would allow us to pitch services to the found prospects. has all that and even more!


Using made the first years of Growth Hackers less challenging with more fruitful results. Geared up with tools, we can now manage prospect lists and schedule emails, extend our network of clients and build brand visibility.

The results

As an integral part of the sales process of our business, knocks it out of the park with a consistent flow of verified prospects and automated outreach to potential clients.

Open rate is the most important metric for us, and we consistently hit 40% open rates with emails scraped with

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open rate

The experience

Our team enjoys an intuitive user experience too! The simplicity of the tools contributes to improved productivity and faster onboarding of new team members.

Once a startup ourselves, we strongly advise your team to consider tools and stop struggling with an absence of clients. It's the most affordable yet sufficient email finding and outreach tool on the market we've seen so far.

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