Building Communication With ChatGPT: Email Writing Prompts For B2B Sales (With Templates)

Building Communication With ChatGPT: Email Writing Prompts for B2B Sales (With Templates)

I once came across the comment of a sales rep on a Facebook thread:

“I’ve been staring at a blank email for the past 30 minutes, fingers poised over the keyboard, awaiting the inspiration for the perfect opening line. But my muse seemed to have taken an extended vacation, leaving me high and dry with a looming deadline for my email drip campaign and mounting anxiety.”

Sounds familiar?

Luckily, sales reps today have a new AI companion ChatGPT at their disposal, always ready to help get that creative mood back (or even do the whole job for you). And while ChatGPT can’t physically type the email for you (yet), it can provide an endless supply of compelling email messages to capture the attention of your leads.

But how should a sales rep communicate with ChatGPT to get the expected help when writing marketing emails? What prompts should you give to ChatGPT to write emails that would convert like crazy

Let’s find out together in this ChatGPT Email Writing Prompts Guide, which I complemented with ready-made templates to enhance your communication with your OpenAI friend.

How B2B sales pros can get help from ChatGPT to write emails

With ChatGPT’s help, a blank email canvas can be transformed into a masterpiece in no time. However, the bad news is that ChatGPT is ultimately limited software and may provide responses that seem a bit off-base, so you’ll need to give it some direction if you want anything useful out of it.

I bet you would agree that it’s sometimes not so easy to communicate with humans – you need to put a lot of effort into making another person understand what you want to say, and vice versa. The same is with artificial intelligence (well, maybe a little bit easier 😉).

You need to feed ChatGPT all information you have, ask questions, request changes, and regenerate responses over again until you get the desired result. We’ll make this job a little bit easier for you. Follow our tips to optimize ChatGPT’s help; your recipients and sales numbers will thank you. 

#1 Clearly define your goals

Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your email marketing campaign and explain your goals. Are you looking to generate more leads? Build brand awareness? Follow-up? Do you want to drive signups for a webinar? 

ChatGPT needs to understand your objectives and priorities to craft an effective message. Figure your specific needs out and ask the AI for tailored prompts. 

#2 Be specific

Unfortunately, ChatGPT can’t read your mind, so spell it out. Be as specific as possible about what you’re trying to accomplish. 

Just telling ChatGPT you need an email about your product is not enough. Add more details – for example, you need an email promoting a free trial to target small business owners in the transportation industry. 

Instead of asking a generic question like, “How do I write a good subject line?” expand your query to something like, “Can you give me a subject line that will grab the attention of CEOs in the finance industry?”

#3 Provide context

Give as much context as possible about your business, industry, target audience, current marketing and sales efforts, the state of the deal, challenges, and goals. The more background you provide, the more tailored and relevant ChatGPT’s suggestions will be.

For example, don’t just say, “Help me write an email to set up a meeting.” Give ChatGPT the full story:

“I’m a sales rep for, and I’ve been nurturing a prospect, John Smith, at ABC Corp for 6 months. John seemed interested in our new email warmup tool and asked for a demo. The demo went great, and John said he wanted to talk about the next steps, but now he’s ghosting me. I really want to meet with John in person to get this deal moving. Can you help me draft an email to pin him down for a meeting next week?”

It’s also a good idea to provide examples of past successful emails. ChatGPT learns from examples, so giving templates and samples of your best work will help it emulate your style and tone. 

snovio templates

With all this context, ChatGPT will craft a much more compelling and persuasive email for your situation. The email will reference your prospect by name, mention your recent positive interactions, reiterate the benefits of your solution, and convey a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to meet face-to-face. 

→ Read our post to learn how to write a professional email

#4 Use natural language

As a sales rep, you are pressed for time, and ChatGPT seems to understand it. The tool is designed to grasp natural language and basic syntax, so there’s no need to use complicated terms and complex sentence structures. Simply state your question or request in plain words as if you were talking with a friend.

Be polite 🙂 and…

#5 Prompt for tone and emotions

When crafting email prompts for ChatGPT, remember to specify the tone you expect a generated message to convey. Add emotionally charged words to your ChatGPT email prompt to guide the AI toward generating a response with the desired emotion. 

And who said ChatGPT can’t have a little fun? 😉 

Сonsider asking your AI friend to add emojis to the response for an extra touch of personality and playfulness. Besides, surprisingly, using emojis in the request helps ChatGPT generate more creative and engaging responses, too 🙂. 

#6 Set limits

Set clear boundaries for the email content you want ChatGPT to generate, specifying what should and should not be included and how long your email should be. 

#7 Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different approaches. Use ChatGPT to create different subject lines, calls-to-action, and messaging, and then A/B test them to see what resonates with your audience before you kickstart your email campaign.


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ChatGPT prompts for email writing: 16 templates 

Asking an AI system for help without specific instructions is like asking your eccentric uncle for advice on love, money, and DIY, all in the same conversation. You’re bound to get some… let’s just say, ‘quirky’ responses. 

So, before you dive into ChatGPT email writing, remember this little tip: choose your prompts carefully. The easiest way is to grab one of the ChatGPT email writing prompt examples from our list, tailor it to your data, and use it in your email campaign. 

Cold emails

Prompt template #1: Introducing a new product or service


Please write an engaging cold email to introduce our new cutting-edge product [Product/service name] to potential B2B clients in the [Specify your industry] field in [Specify the region and location of the target market]

Highlight the key features [Specify them], benefits [Specify them], and how it addresses their specific pain points or challenges [Specify them]

Craft a compelling subject line and opening that grabs their attention and encourages them to read further. Include a CTA that prompts them to learn more or schedule a demo.

Prompt template #2: Request for collaboration or partnership


Please write a persuasive cold email to potential B2B partners in the [Specify your industry]. Explain the value of collaborating or forming a partnership and how it can benefit both parties. Highlight the synergies, shared goals, or growth opportunities. 

Personalize the email based on their expertise or offerings [Provide details]. Craft a strong value proposition and propose a next step for further discussion or exploration.

Prompt template #3: Introducing your company’s value proposition


Please write a compelling cold email to introduce our company’s unique value proposition [Insert specification] to potential B2B clients in the tech field. Communicate the benefits and advantages of working with our company, such as innovative solutions, exceptional customer service, or industry expertise. 

Tailor the message to resonate with their specific needs or pain points. Include social proof or testimonials to build credibility and trust [Provide social proof to ChatGPT so that it can integrate it into your email].

Prompt template #4: Product demo or free trial offer


Please write a cold email offering a product demo/free trial of our new solution [Your product name] to potential B2B clients [Specify the target market]. Explain the value and benefits they can experience by trying out our product [Provide the complete list of benefits to ChatGPT]

Highlight key features, use cases, and success stories. Craft a compelling subject line that grabs their attention and creates a sense of urgency. Include a clear CTA that encourages them to request the demo or trial.

Prompt template #5: Invitation to a webinar or thought leadership event for potential customers


Please write an engaging cold email inviting potential B2B customers in the [Industry] field to attend our upcoming webinar/thought leadership event [Webinar/thought leadership event name]. The event will take place at [Location] on [Date and time]

Highlight the valuable insights, industry trends, or expert advice they will gain by participating [Provide all relevant information regarding the event]. Explain the relevance of the topics to their business and emphasize the knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities. 

Craft a subject line and opening that create excitement and curiosity. Include a CTA to register for the event.

Prompt template #6: Seeking expert advice or opinion


Please write a respectful cold email seeking expert advice or opinion from influential professionals in the [State the industry] industry. Clearly explain the purpose of the email [Provide your details], why their expertise is valued, and how their insights can help us improve or innovate. 

Personalize the email based on their specific expertise or prior work. Craft a subject line and opening that show genuine interest and respect. Ask specific questions [Insert relevant info to prepare the questions] to encourage a meaningful response.

Warm/follow-up emails

Prompt template #7: Welcome email to new subscribers 


Please write a warm and engaging email to welcome new subscribers to our [Company] newsletter. Introduce our brand, express gratitude for their subscription, and highlight the value they’ll receive from our content [Provide relevant info]. Include a CTA to encourage further engagement.

Prompt template #8: Onboarding new clients 


We are [Company name] providing the [Specify key features of your service]. Please write an onboarding email to guide new clients through the process of getting started with our service. 

Provide a step-by-step guide that explains key features, account setup, and how to maximize the benefits of our service [Provide relevant info]. Use a friendly and informative tone.

Prompt template #9: Requesting referrals


Please write a referral request email to our [Your company name] satisfied customers. Clearly explain the benefits of our services [Provide relevant info] and ask them to refer us to their network. Provide incentives for successful referrals, such as discounts or rewards [Insert relevant info].

Prompt template #10: Reminder for upcoming events


Please write a friendly and persuasive email reminding recipients about an upcoming event or webinar that will take place [Provide the date, time, and location of the event]. Highlight the key details, agenda, and special guests/speakers [Special guests or speakers]

Create a sense of excitement and emphasize the value they will gain by attending.

Prompt template #11: Post-purchase follow-up email with related products/services upsell


Please write a post-purchase follow-up email to customers, thanking them for their recent purchase at [Company name]. Recommend related products that complement their purchase and provide additional value [Insert the list of products/services you want to upsell]. Craft a persuasive and personalized upsell offer.

Prompt template #12: Re-engagement email for inactive subscribers


Please write an email to re-engage subscribers who haven’t interacted with our content for some time. Use a friendly and casual tone to reconnect with them, remind them of the value we provide, and offer an incentive to re-engage.

Prompt template #13: Survey email to collect customer feedback


Please write an email inviting customers to participate in a survey to provide feedback on their experience with our brand/product [Your brand/product name]. Clearly explain the purpose of the survey, assure them their feedback is valuable, and offer an incentive or reward [Provide relevant info].

Special offer emails

Prompt template #14: Limited holiday sales or seasonal offers


Please write an email to announce limited-time holiday sales/seasonal offers [Insert the offer details] to our existing customer base. Create a sense of excitement and emphasize the limited duration of the offer. Highlight the benefits/discounts available [Provide relevant info] and use persuasive language to drive conversions.

Prompt template #15: VIP exclusive offer with an incentive


We are [Company name] providing the [Specify key features of your service]. Please craft a tailor-made email to our VIP customers, offering them an exclusive incentive as a token of appreciation for their loyalty. 

Personalize the email by mentioning their VIP status and include [A special discount, access to exclusive content, early access to new products…insert your variant]. Make the recipients feel valued and appreciated. Craft a compelling CTA to encourage immediate action.

Prompt template #16: Educational email with industry news and helpful tips


Please write an informative email to provide our subscribers with [Industry] news, trends, and valuable tips. Share relevant insights, statistics, or case studies demonstrating our company’s field expertise. Make the email engaging and actionable, with practical takeaways for the recipients.

An example of a ChatGPT email writing prompt

Now let’s look at how you can use a ChatGPT email writing template as a prompt to encourage the AI tool to generate one of the sales emails. 

We’ve taken the following course invitation email prompt as an example:


Please write an email inviting our existing clients [Target audience] to enroll in our brand new FREE course [Course name] on [Course topic]. Introduce the course: the course is designed for [Beginners/Savvy pros], taught by [Instructor name], has [N] sections, [N] lectures, and each [Duration]. This is what they will learn [Course content]. Include a CTA. Use a [Specify] tone. No more than [Word count].

Here’s how we’ve used this prompt template to invite our target audience to’s educational course:

ChatGPT prompt

And that’s the result ChatGPT generated in just seconds:

ChatGPT response
ChatGPT 4 result
ChatGPT response
ChatGPT 3.5 result

Now, what are you waiting for? Just grab the ChatGPT email prompt template you need, customize it to your needs, and go! 

ChatGPT for email is your co-pilot, not the pilot

As advanced as ChatGPT may be, it’s still an AI on training wheels. Its knowledge comes only from what we humans have taught it, and let’s face it, we’re not perfect. So take the ChatGPT’s email draft responses with a grain of salt. Or a shaker of salt. Maybe a whole bag of salt.

Review what ChatGPT spits out before you hit send. Give the emails a once-over to ensure the following:

The tone matches your brand 

ChatGPT can’t replicate your company’s unique personality and voice. Ensure its emails sound like they came from a real person at your company, not an overly enthusiastic self-help guru. 

The facts are accurate 

ChatGPT gets details wrong or makes assumptions that lead to incorrect information. Double-check any statistics, product claims, or industry data in the emails. You don’t want to spread fake news, do you?

The writing flows and makes sense

While ChatGPT can churn out grammatically correct sentences, its emails may lack logical flow or coherence. Give the drafts an edit to strengthen the overall message and ensure a smooth reader experience.

No inappropriate suggestions

The AI’s knowledge comes from the public Internet, so its responses may contain insensitive, unethical, or legally questionable content. Carefully review what it writes to avoid embarrassment or legal issues.

Key points are included

ChatGPT may overlook or under-emphasize the most important parts of your email. Compare its draft to your original talking points to guarantee all key messages are adequately conveyed.

Questions are answered

If your prompt included specific questions for ChatGPT to address, double-check that the AI fully responded to each query. Follow up with any points it missed and ask the tool to change the response respectively.

With your review and revisions, the ChatGPT email writer can be your reliable assistant. But never let it have complete control of the cockpit. You’re still the pilot here, and you know your business and customers best. Stay actively engaged to get the most out of your AI co-pilot.

Wrapping up

While AI may not completely replace human copywriters, ChatGPT can be an invaluable tool to enhance your email writing process. By optimizing your communication with ChatGPT, you can get sales emails in less than a minute. 

With the groundbreaking possibilities of ChatGPT combined with’s Email Drip Campaign tool, you have a dynamic duo at your disposal. Together, they’ll empower you to create irresistible content that reaches the right people every single time. So, get ready to captivate your audience and achieve remarkable results.



  • What Is ChatGPT?

    ChatGPT is an AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI. It can generate human-like text responses based on the provided prompts and context.
  • What is a ChatGPT prompt?

    A ChatGPT prompt is a message or question given to the AI to initiate a conversation or request a response. It serves as input to generate AI-generated text.
  • How to craft effective conversations with ChatGPT?

    Keep it concise and use a friendly tone. B2B sales pros can optimize their communication with ChatGPT by providing clear goals, specific information, and context. Experiment with ChatGPT email prompts and iterate to find the most effective approach for engaging conversations.

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