What Are Data Enrichment Services And Why Should You Care

Data enrichment services

The data we get on our leads is usually lackluster and doesn’t give us enough information to work with. The term for it is non-enriched, meaning we only have an email, a name and maybe the age of our lead. This is not enough to start a targeted marketing campaign aimed at converting leads into customers.

Data gets stale or contains false information on our leads in the first place. Which is why data enrichment becomes a crucial new step in improving the business value of our lead data.

So what is data enrichment, and why is it so important?

Defining data enrichment

Data enrichment is the process of cleaning and enhancing raw leads, making them more valuable for further use. The common enrichment process is just correcting spelling mistakes and typos in your database. This also includes removing duplicated, ineffective or outdated data.

However, in many cases, your lead data is either incomplete or lacking crucial information. Data enrichment helps fill in the blanks in your database, like a name or a geographical address attached to the email address you already have. You can go even further and build data tables of leads based on:

  • Geography: Location, postal code, and country
  • Demographics: Age, gender, income, and education
  • Behavior: Preferred purchases and forms of communication

In a nutshell, data enrichment means everything from raw data cleanup and enhancement to compiling a valid database of enriched leads.

How can we use it?

The three main ideas of data enrichment are identifying false lead information, building demographics (targeted for your industry, sales, and revenue) and creating data tables with specific information on your targeted leads.

Let’s see what we can be achieved with data enrichment:

Optimizing web conversion rates

Web-platforms tend to have multiple input fields in their forms to collect more information on their leads. This affects the conversion rate and creates a wall for accessing content. With data enrichment, you can reduce the number of fields to the ‘must have’ one. This leads to better accessibility and higher conversion rates.


Today’s marketing has shifted its focus from mass campaigns towards a more personal approach to the audience. This new approach requires more personal information to open a successful communication channel with the lead. Enriched lead data is the key component when starting outreach campaigns and targeting warm leads.

Lead Scoring

Assigning value and prioritizing your leads requires more personal data to determine which of them are more likely to be converted into a customer. Enriched data gives you greater insight on your leads. It helps you examine different attributes to decide what makes someone more likely to become a customer. It will include things like location, business size or behavioral data. Overall, a higher amount of enriched data will help you with lead scoring.

Customer Experience

Having enriched data gives you more insight into your customer’s preferences, thus allowing you to strategize your targeting campaign. Customer Experience is key to making a customer lean towards your company. The ability to get bulk data is one thing, but sorting out the most relevant information in it is what really matters. Having the most up-to-date information will give you an advantage in building productive relations with your customers.

Improved Segmentation

Data segmentation is an important step in organizing your customer database, especially if you are working with big data. Enriched lead data gives you the ability to segment your customers by firmographics, behavior, demographics, etc. Segmenting will improve your targeting and ability to determine your customers’ needs.

What tools can help us with data enrichment?

To achieve all this you need actual tools for data enrichment. There are many relevant services for enriching your lead source, but here we will talk about an all-in-one platform that provides extensive data enhancement tools. It combines all third-party solutions into one solid and secure system for comprehensive data enrichment.

Searching and verifying emails

With email finder and verifier tools, you can enrich your leads by attaching a valid email address to them. This can be achieved through various Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. The problem is, not all of them provide both services on a single platform. Luckily, there’s Snov.io – the all-in-one platform with next level email checker for effective enrichment of your email leads.

It’s a platform capable of performing a multitude of functions and enrichment is one of them. Simply import your email list from a file to your account page. Snov.io will compare your list with its database and enrich your leads with new data like first name, last name, company name, and position. Before exporting this data, you can verify your leads’ emails list in bulk. This process involves cleaning your list from invalid and abandoned email addresses. The Snov.io service also performs a comparison against its database to clean it of bounced emails.

Exportinf features of Snovio email finder and verifier

In the account page, you can import an existing file to the platform for enrichment and validation all at once. Export the improved list you’ve built into any format you desire, CSV, Excel or Google Sheet.

All services are available as Chrome extensions that you can download from the Chrome Web Store. You can search, extract and validate data right in the extension’s window. Surf the web and generate leads on the fly.

Snovian.Space: The Modern Data Well

Data is the oil of the 21st century. We need data to enrich our leads to start an outreach campaign. If oil comes from an oil well, where can we find data? Snovian.Space is an oil well of data.

Previously, the only place we could get any valuable data on our prospects was LinkedIn. To get the information from a prospect, you had to either connect with them or pay LinkedIn to access their personal data. On Snovian.Space you are the one getting paid to give access to your personal data or the ability to contact you.

On Snovian.Space you can get data simply by putting up a reward for it. Let’s say you are looking for a tokensale advisor – put a bounty offer up with a message on the subject matter and people will offer you their contact details for it. Right off the bat, you will get an enriched lead that you can build a more personalized relationship with.

REST API: Integrated enrichment

Automation is the key to successful and efficient data enrichment of your leads. The REST API will allow you to fully integrate Snov.io’s service into your platform. You won’t need to use the service interface, everything will be done in the background while you’re performing other tasks. The API has several tools you can utilize:

  • Email Count
  • Domain Search
  • Email Verifier
  • Email Finder and more.

Snovio API

Whether you need to find email addresses or add leads to a list for a drip campaign – Snov.io API can do it for you.

To use this API you need to generate the access token. Go to your account, click on the gear icon and proceed to the API tab, which is right underneath the navigation bar. Here you will see your User ID and Secret, which you need in order to send a request for the access token.


Data enrichment tools will help shape your marketing strategy to get optimal results. With enriched data you can choose the best leads and achieve the following:

  • Increase the conversion rates on your landing page
  • Improve your product sales
  • Score your leads
  • Develop a personal approach to your lead
  • Categorize your data

Leads mean little if all you have is an email address.  Enriched data is vital for the success of any business.

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