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How great would it be to delegate all the manual emailing, follow-ups and tracking each prospect? And how about automating engagement of those leads on LinkedIn - even with your computer switched off. With our multichannel automation, you can finally focus on high-value tasks.

Set up your sequence of emails and LinkedIn actions, and will ensure consistent touch points with prospects without delays. Plus, real-time notifications will alert you when the lead is the most engaged.



Streamline outreach by making each email unique, hassle-free

Personalized emails perform almost x6 times better compared to one-fits-all cold emails. And lets you personalize even when reaching out to a large number of prospects: seamlessly insert recipient data, customize content based on their engagement, and A/B test your approach — without manual intervention. Save even more time with our extensive template library for multiple intents and — now creating a well-structured email takes minutes, not hours. Streamline your outreach leveraging the power of automation.



Grow your leadbase, foster stronger relationships and sell more

Automated email drip campaigns ignite significant business growth and boost your efficiency. Use multiple sender accounts to handle a high volume of outgoing emails and manage a larger number of leads, all without compromising deliverability.

Whether you're just starting cold emailing, nurturing warm leads, or cross-selling to your existing customers, drip campaigns will help increase your revenue and customer lifetime value.

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Here's everything you need to know to launch your first email drip campaign.

What is a drip campaign?

A drip campaign is an automated sequence of pre-written follow-up emails to existing and prospective clients. They can be sent over time or based on specific recipient actions to encourage interaction and maximize engagement. Email drip campaigns are one of the most efficient and affordable outbound sales strategies with high conversion and the lowest investment. Here is a more detailed guide on drip campaigns.

How can you set up an email drip campaign?

You can use one of the campaign templates from our template library or build your own using our easy drag-and-drop campaign builder. The process is quick and easy, but if you need any help you can consult our Knowledgebase for detailed instructions, read Blog for the actionable tips, or contact our Customer Care team.

Which sender accounts are supported in drip email campaign?

Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, and SMTP sender accounts. There's no limit on the number of sender accounts you can add.

How can I increase my campaign daily sending volume?

Mailbox rotation is the key. It redistributes your sending volume between multiple accounts, meaning you can reach out to infinitely more leads without risking your sender reputation and deliverability. With you can connect an unlimited number of sender accounts to each campaign, boosting your daily sending volume from 100 to as much as you want.

When do I need a drip email campaign?

Drip campaigns are specifically designed to deliver targeted messages at the right time. Here are some common objectives for implementing a drip email campaign:

  • cold sales and outreach
  • nurturing leads
  • onboarding new users or customers
  • customer engagement and retention
  • sharing educational courses or tutorials
  • upselling and cross-selling.

Are email drip campaigns right for my business?

Yes. No matter your niche, there's always a process you can optimize through drip emailing to grow your bottom line. Drip campaigns are perfect for starting and scaling cold B2B outreach, nurturing leads, onboarding, building relationships with potential partners, and developing long-term relationships with existing customers. Find out more about use cases for your business when using Drip Campaigns.

What are some email drip campaign best practices, ideas and examples?

If you want to succeed in your drip campaigns we highly recommend you check out our in-depth guides on drip emails that include practical advice, tips, hacks, and examples:

But it's not just how you send, but also what you send. To learn how to write cold emails that actually convert, sign up for our crash-course Cold Emailing for B2B Sales. And to make sure your emails actually reach every potential customer, join our Email Deliverability Challenge and improve your sending habits through daily deliverability-boosting challenges.

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