What is a Middle of the Funnel (MOFU): definition and examples

What is a Middle of the Funnel (MOFU): definition and examples

TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU stand for three different stages of the buyer’s journey: top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel. During each stage, specific content is shared to move the prospect further through the sales funnel and close the deal without being too intrusive.


MOFU meaning

In marketing, MOFU refers to the next stage in the buyer’s journey after TOFU. Similar to other steps, it involves the use of the special kind of content that is distributed to move the customer further through the funnel to make them buy a product eventually. 

MOFU is the point where your leads are midway to make a purchase. They have admitted their problem and are now evaluating their options for the best possible solution. Potential clients go on to interact with you and explore your product or service more thoroughly. The fact is, they are still not ready to close a sale. Your goal is to unobtrusively make them buy. 

As you already know something about your leads and their needs, it will be easier for you to show them who you are and how the service or product you offer can be helpful.

Types of MOFU content to create

MOFU content intends to educate and entertain just like TOFU content. However, it presents more information about solutions. Marketers share the following types of MOFU content at this stage:

MOFU content


A whitepaper is a persuasive report on a particular topic that shows a problem and a solution to prove that your brand is worthy of the client’s attention. It’s a great possibility to educate your leads and share the products or services you offer. You can add whitepapers to email drip campaigns. 

To create an effective whitepaper, make sure to focus on your research. Don’t say a word about why people need to purchase your product right now. Your leads read your whitepaper to get new information, not to buy. 

Email campaigns

An email campaign is a good way to get your leads to accept problems they are facing and realize that you have a solution. Remember, MOFU content is made for consideration and evaluation. Make your lead believe that you understand their concerns and have a workable solution for them. Draw the attention to new blogs, whitepapers, etc. – anything your potential clients can download and learn from.

email drip campaigns

Case studies

Case studies are real examples of how your solution has changed business at an existing client’s company. They demonstrate how people can achieve successful results by purchasing your brand’s product or service. 

The aim is to explain why your solution is better. In your case study, you should cover the main points – the problem, the solution, and results – to prove your value to a lead. 


A webinar is a live event where subscribers sign up to get particular information, usually via a 30-90 minute presentation. It’s an excellent way to have a live conversation with your prospects. Educate your leads on how to solve their problems and let them ask questions in the end.

Webinars’ audience is already aware of your brand and aims to find solutions to their problems. This allows you to win their trust and help them at the consideration stage.


While your leads are in doubt to buy, prove that your brand is a definite choice to solve their pain points. Comparing your company to others can enhance the interest in your product or service. On average, the reading of efficient comparisons leads to an increase in buying intent by 22%.  

Still, don’t concentrate on comparing the product or service. Instead, compare types of solutions, costs, and results.

Free templates

Create templates for your leads: checklists, tracking sheets, etc. It’s the perfect piece to send to your potential clients via email drip campaigns and make them feel like they are getting something helpful and practical. 


The audience interested in the service or product often has further questions. Make a FAQ section to fulfill the leads’ requests. Once they collect more information about your solutions, turning into qualified sales leads becomes far simpler.

Successful MOFU content will move participants onto the next stage – bottom of the funnel – and help you finally convert them.

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