Adding custom prospect fields for personalization

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Adding custom fields with prospect-related info allows you to enrich personalization of your emails. 

Default prospect fields in are the following:

First Name, Last Name, Email, Industry, Country, Location, Position, Company Name, Company Website, Social URL.

If you upload your list of prospects with additional data, you can use this information to personalize your email copy while sending your drip campaign. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add custom prospect fields:

Add a new custom field 

Open a prospect list page and click the Add a new custom data field button at the top to open the Custom Prospect Fields page.

  • Type in a custom field name

Field name should correspond to a column name from your prospect sheet.

  • Select a field type

Choose String for text, Number for numerical figures, Date for date formats.

Add values to custom fields

You can fill custom fields with data in two ways:

  • Import a prospect sheet

Upload your list of prospects and map fields on your sheet to custom fields created in     

Tip: during import, you can quickly create and map a new custom field.

  • Edit custom field information for specific prospect

You can also add a custom field value when creating or editing a prospect profile.

Go to any prospect profile and click on the three-dot menu to open editing page. Scroll down, find custom fields and Save a profile after typing in the info.

Important notes:

  • You can edit a custom field name after adding it, but you cannot change its type
  • When you edit or delete a field, your prospects will be updated accordingly
  • When you add custom fields to one prospect list, they become shared across all your prospect lists 
  • You cannot delete a custom field if an email variable with the same name is used in your email campaign 
  • You can create up to 30 custom fields in your account
  • Custom field value is limited to 255 characters

Use your custom variables in campaign email

After adding your custom fields, they become available as email variables in drip campaign editor.  

Learn how to add system and custom variables while composing your drip campaign.

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