How affiliate program works’s Affiliate Program allows you to earn passive income by sharing with your audience.

Whether you’re a blogger, website owner, or social media expert, anyone can join our affiliate program and get a commission for purchases of each recommended user.   

Once the leads you refer buy any premium plan, you’ll instantly get your commission share to your affiliate account. 

The steps are simple:

Step 1. Sign up for the Referral and go to the Affiliate Program page.

We will review your application within a few days and send an email with the confirmation of approval and the link to your Affiliate profile.

Note: You will only become an authorized affiliate once we review and accept your submission.

Step 2. Spread the word about services to engage leads and share your personal referral link with them.

Each time someone makes a purchase using the unique link associated with your recommendation, you will earn a commission.

The number of people you can refer to is unlimited. You can post as many promotions with your referral link as you like. The more you promote, the more you earn. 💪

Step 3. Grow your monthly recurring revenue.

With’s Affiliate Program, you can get 25% from each referral purchase for up to 12 months of renewals. 

You can easily track all the successful referrals and commissions directly in your account.

What’s more, there’s no cash-out limit which means that you’ll receive your commissions every month.

Find out more about Affiliate Program

Note: By signing up for the Affiliate Program, you agree with its terms and conditions.

Become a affiliate and start making a profit on every referral. 🤑

You can also download the promotional materials provided by our team which you can use on websites, blogs and social networks.

For any questions on the affiliates, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care team via live chat or at We’re here to help!

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