How to connect Amazon SES to

In this guide, you’ll learn how to integrate your Amazon SES account to using SMTP credentials and server settings.

You can connect your own email address to and have full control over how your sender account performs.

If you have the Amazon SES email account, you can use SMTP settings to send emails with

1) Creating your Amazon SES SMTP credentials

2) Adding a new email account in

3) Configuring optional settings

Before connecting to, make sure you’ve completed the account setup in Amazon SES:

1) Create your SMTP credentials with Amazon SES

To send emails through the Amazon SES SMTP settings, you must create SMTP credentials — a username and a password.

To create your SMTP credentials:

Copy your credentials to a safe place – you will need to enter them into email settings in

After you created your SMTP credentials, you can add your account in to send emails through the Amazon SES SMTP.

2) Adding a new email account in

In the second step, you’ll need to enter your SMTP and IMAP settings on the email account configuration page.

  • Go to the Email Accounts page.
  • Click Add email account.
  • Choose Amazon SES from the email providers list.

Entering SMTP settings

In the SMTP section, enter your SMTP credentials and the server settings for sending emails.

Check the table below for guidance on what info to fill in each mandatory field.

SMTP credentials:

Field Explainer
(1) From name This is the sender name your recipients will see in “From” field.

Enter your full name and company name. 

(2) From email   

Enter the Username from SMTP credentials created in Amazon SES.

To use your alias address in the From email field:

1. Enable the Use different account name box

2. In the Username field that appears, enter the username from SMTP credentials.

3. In the From email field, enter the alias email address that was added in your Amazon SES account.


(3) Email Password Enter the Password from SMTP credentials created in Amazon SES.

SMTP server settings:

Field Example Explainer
(4) Host SMTP hosts are unique to each AWS Region.

Select the SMTP host with the appropriate region.

(5) Port 465 for SSL encryption

587 for TLS encryption

Select SMTP port from a dropdown menu.

Amazon SES works with both ports.

Entering IMAP settings

The IMAP server helps track incoming responses and add them to your email campaign statistics.

Amazon SES only provides email sending services, so no IMAP (receiving emails) settings are available there.

Here’s a tip: If you want an email account to receive and track responses, you can use default IMAP settings from Google or Office 365.

Remember, without adding IMAP settings, your email account will be connected conditionally. Read more about a conditional connection here ⇒


After entering all the required settings for your email account, complete the setup by testing the connection.

Click on Send a test email to check the connection. will send you a test email with the subject “Testing your new email with” to confirm that the connection is successful.

Finally, click the Save Settings button.

Your email account setup is now complete and good to go.

3) Optional settings

The following settings are optional and can be skipped during the initial set up, but configuring them will allow you more control over your account’s performance.

Daily sending limits:

Setting Explainer
Messages per day Set a daily sending goal for this email account.

The number should be lower or equal to provider’s daily limit. will stop sending emails for the day after reaching this goal.

Delay between e-mails Сhoose the interval (fixed or random) in seconds between every email message in your campaigns.

Increasing the time gap between your emails can make your email campaigns appear safer to the ESP.

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After connecting your Amazon SES email account to, you can select it as a sender for your email campaign.

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