How to connect your Gmail account to via SMTP

For you to successfully create a new SMTP account and avoid authorization errors, it is essential to follow security guidelines of your provider.

So here’s our guide on how to securely connect your Gmail via SMTP and authorize app to integrate with your Gmail as per Google’s security requirements.


Step 1. Enable 2-Step Verification for your Google Account

Step 2. Create an App Password

Step 3. Add a new SMTP account

Step 1. Enable 2-Step Verification for your Google Account

2-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security to your Google account and has to be turned on to create an application-specific password.  

To enable it, open your Google Account and select Security (1) in the navigation panel.

Under Signing in to Google panel, select 2-Step Verification (2), click Get started (3).

Follow the on-screen steps and complete the setup process. You will see that 2-Step Verification is On

Step 2. Create an App Password 

An App password is a 16-digit passcode that gives app permission to access your Google Account.
Here’s how to create it:

Under Signing in to Google (1) section, select App passwords (2).

On the next screen, click Select app (1) and choose Other (2), enter custom name (3), then click Generate (4).

You will get a 16-digit code to be used as your password in SMTP account settings.

Copy your app password to your notebook and follow the next step.

Note: your App Password is revoked when you change your Google Account password. To avoid authorization issues, create a new App Password.

Step 3. Add a new SMTP account

Go to your Account Overview > find Email Accounts tab (1).

Click Add email address (2) > choose SMTP type (3).

See a detailed instruction on an SMTP account set up in this article.

On the configuration page, type in your Gmail address in the Username field and paste your App Password as the password in SMTP settings.

Enter default Gmail settings for SMTP (1) and IMAP (2). Click Save Settings to apply and check the connection. 

Congratulations on the successful Gmail SMTP set up!

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Make sure to check our videos on SMTP account set up and Email Drip Campaign:

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