How to manage prospects in CRM view

What does CRM stand for in sales? CRM (customer relationship management) is a way to manage and maintain customer relationships, efficiently organize sales, track marketing efforts, and more.

Here’s how you can manage your prospects in CRM view in!

Go to the Prospects tab in your account and select a prospect list.

Here you will see the following features: 

Prospect’s timeline
Сolumn filtering
Prospects filtering
Email Drip Campaigns Tracking

Prospect’s timeline 

Here you can see all the detailed information about your prospects and their actions timeline, specifically:

  1. the date you created the prospect
  2. the email status after the verification
  3. campaigns, to which the prospect was added
  4. the added tags
  5. the sent emails

crm view

You can also add notes to your prospects. It’s a great way to record your observations about customers, track your interactions with them, and monitor how they pass through different stages of your sales funnel. To take notes, click on the field in the Add note tab, type your text, and click Save.

Learn more about adding notes to your prospects here.

Сolumn filtering

You may also arrange the columns in your prospect list as you like. Select the columns that will be displayed in your prospect list.

Change the columns’ order by dragging them to the right position.

Prospects filtering

In your prospect list, you can sort prospects according to their names or date they were added.

If you have prospects in multiple lists, you may filter them in the Lists column by choosing the More than one list option.


Here you may add tags for your prospects. There are two kinds of tags – system and custom. Use the system tags – In campaign, Campaign completed, Contacted, Bounced, Replied, Unsubscribed, and Auto-replied or create your own to monitor prospects’ status and launch drip campaigns for specific audiences.

Find out how to use tagging to manage your contacts more effectively.

Email Drip Campaigns Tracking

You may also see all the campaigns launched for the prospects list. They are displayed next to the list name.

Happy prospects managing! 🙂 

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