How to set up a Weblium integration

Weblium is a user-friendly solution for creating websites that attract clients. Collect leads and automate sales by integrating with Weblium.

To integrate with Weblium, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Go to your Weblium website settings, navigate to the Form management, then select Integrations tab:

Weblium integration

Step 2. Choose, insert your API User ID and API Secret to the appropriate fields, and click Connect:

Weblium integration

You can get your API User ID and API Secret keys in the API tab in your account settings:

weblium integration

Step 3. Once you are connected, open your Weblium site’s editor, find the needed contact form, and click on the gear icon:

Weblium integration

Step 4. Navigate to the Integrations tab to enable the integration. Click on and choose the list that you want form replies to be sent to (in the picture below, Prospects Contact Form list is chosen).

Weblium integration

Step 5. Synchronize your form fields with corresponding fields in your prospects list. This way, the data from a particular field will be transferred to a corresponding column in your account. Click Sync fields with, add form fields you need, and match them with fields. 

Apply and click Set up form integrations

Weblium integration

That’s it! To see how it works, try submitting the contact form with a test email address and check for updates in your account.

If you have any further questions, you can reach out to

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