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This article introduces changes in pricing plans in November 2022.

Hey, you might have noticed our pricing page does not look the same, and it happened for a good reason!

TLDR: The prices did not change, only the plan names are new. The regular annual discount is now 25% off, which is nearly twice as much as before!

As grows and more features are introduced, we’ve noticed a need for improvement in our pricing page’s readability, transparency and scalability. We implemented several changes to improve your user experience with the page and to deliver better product value through transparency and clarity.’s plans are now divided into three tiers which determine their capabilities:

  • Trial: provides you with free access to core tools to test
  • Starter: perfect to kick off your sales, improve prospecting and automate outreach
  • Pro: a pro choice to expand your prospecting, scale email campaigns and collaborate better through teamwork.

We did our best to lay out the value of each plan clearly so that our users can have a full picture of what they get at each tier. No more guessing and wondering.

 The plan names changed, but the content and price are the same. 

Plan names 
Before New Monthly credits Monthly recipients  Mailbox warm-ups
XS Trial 50 100 1
Starter 1,000 5,000 1
M Pro 5K 5,000 10,000 3
L Pro 20K 20,000 30,000 6
XL Pro 50K 50,000 50,000 12
XXL Pro 100K 100,000 100,000 25

Our new pricing page groups together former M, L, XL and XXL plans under the new Pro name: Pro 5K, Pro 20K, Pro 50K and Pro 100K. You can find these plans by clicking the downward arrow next to the Pro 5K plan to reveal all Pro tier options and select your Pro plan with higher quotas.

 Annual plans now come with an even better deal.

The annual subscription discount is now 25% for all plan tiers, which is almost twice as much as before. This means you can save up to $2214 when you subscribe for a year in advance to secure your business growth.

Fun fact: Did you know that the larger the plan – the less you pay per credit and per recipient? For example one credit on our Starter plan costs 3.9¢ while on one of our most popular Pro 20K plans it’s only around 0.9¢ (over x4 less!). Your price per lead changes drastically depending on your plan, so consider getting a larger plan if you’re choosing between two.

What do all these changes mean for you? 

We’d like to clarify a few important points related to this update:

  • All subscription options come packed with the same functionality and capabilities as before, plus newly released features. Learn more about what’s inside of every plan here.
  • Credit and recipient quotas for each plan stay the same as before.
  • The monthly subscription price remains the same. Whether you have an active monthly subscription or are just looking to purchase, your bill will remain the same. You can also upgrade your subscription at any time, just as before.
  • If you are enjoying, consider getting an annual subscription to save 25% on your purchase and secure a year of premium sales tools. Learn more about subscription types here.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or via live chat. 

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