Check Out Our List Of 10 Best Lead Providers For Your Business

Check Out Our List Of Best 10 Lead Providers For Your Business

Sales is a numbers game: the more leads you have, the more chances you’ll make a good sale. That’s the basic rule of how modern markets work. So, even if your business is thriving, you must build a constant inflow of high-quality leads, especially if you’re a SaaS company. 

When searching for new leads, don’t carry the world upon your shoulders trying to do this job alone. That’s where B2B lead providers come in, and you should partner with the right ones. The sooner, the better. 

But what should you look for in a lead provider when making your decision? 

In this blog post, you’ll receive a comprehensive answer to this question and a list of the top 10 B2B lead providers to choose from. 

But first, let’s start with the ropes to get a clear picture of what lead providers are.

What is a lead provider?

A lead provider (or a lead generation solution provider) is a company or individual that provides sales leads to businesses. These leads can be in the form of personal and company names, email lists, phone numbers, or social media profiles of potential customers. 

Salespeople can use lead providers to generate leads for their business by subscribing to their service or buying leads from them. 

In the case of B2B lead providers, they are focused on lead generation and establishing strong, long-lasting relationships with potential customers. This is explained by the fact that the buyer’s journey is usually longer and more elaborate in B2B than in B2C sales because companies are the ones that make decisions (ultimately, their head buyers), not individual customers, and the products they buy are complex and technologically advanced.

Lead providers are a valuable resource for salespeople because they connect them with prospects that might be interested in a product or service. 

Typically, a top-ranking B2B lead provider has a massive database of already qualified leads that they can match up with your business based on your buyer personas, customer types, or buying intent. Therefore, you can focus on selling instead of finding your way of sourcing leads. 

What to look for in a lead provider, and how to choose the best lead provider for your business?

Before choosing a lead provider, make sure you do your homework and compare different services available on the market. Here are a few tips on what to pay attention to next time you consider a B2B lead provider for your goals:

  1. Define your goals and objectives. What do you hope to accomplish with your lead provider? A clear answer to this question will determine your choice considerably. 
  2. Look for a reputable lead generation company. Make sure they have a solid track record of providing converting leads. The last thing you want is to pick a provider that doesn’t deliver on its promises. That’s why it would be unwise to just take the company’s word for it; read reviews from other customers to get an idea of what to expect.
  3. Ask around. Talk to other business owners and see what services they use for their lead generation needs. Chances are, they’ve had a good (or bad) experience with a particular provider and can point you in the right direction. 
  4. Compare pricing and features to find the most comfortable conditions for your needs and budget. Price makes the difference, indeed. But don’t assume the most expensive provider is the best—sometimes, you can find great deals from smaller companies. Also, it’s a huge plus if a lead provider offers a money-back guarantee.
  5. Check to see if the provider offers a variety of lead types. Are they fresh leads? Or are they leads that have been generated through a previous campaign? 
  6. Find out how often the provider updates its lead database. If you’re going to send emails to your leads, you should be sure they’re qualified, and you’re not dealing with inactive or invalid contacts. Test leads before committing.

Email Verifier

How many invalid and risky emails are there in your database? Check it with Email Verifier.

Email Verifier

It’s not a secret that bad leads are one of the top reasons businesses fail in their online marketing efforts. So, when choosing a lead provider, try to avoid companies that sell recycled leads and those that don’t specialize in lead generation. Instead, check out our selection of tried and tested lead providers, reputable and reliable.

Top 10 B2B lead providers for your business

If you’re looking for opportunities to expand your customer base, consider the list of the top 10 B2B lead providers we’ve compiled for your goals and learn more about their features and customer reviews. 

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator (advanced version)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the world’s most time-tested and fail-proof lead providers. It offers phenomenal opportunities for salespeople to continually add new, high-quality leads to their sales funnels and grow revenues. 

In 2022, the Sales Nav’s advanced version equipped with Deep Sales technology was introduced. This AI-driven technology effectively solves the issue of bad leads by analyzing and filtering millions of data LinkedIn members provide to equip sellers with valuable insights such as the prospect’s financial status and unique buying behavior data tied to buyers’ identities. This helps sales teams improve win rates and deal sizes sufficiently. 

For example, TELUS increased deal size by 209% and saw 82% of won revenue influenced by Sales Navigator.

What customers say:

“Through account-based insights, we were able to arm our sales team with the information they needed to qualify deals and create longer-term account strategies.“

Paul Bleier

Paul Bleier

Director & Sales Enablement, TELUS Business

Pricing: You can try the platform features for free for one month. Paid plans start at 99.99/month.

2. email finder

Known as an all-in-one platform for B2B sales outreach, has built a stainless reputation as an innovative, customer-centric lead provider due to its proprietary lead generation features, friendly pricing policy, and fantastic customer support system. 

Its popular Email Finder tool has been proven powerful for harvesting email leads from anywhere online: company websites, social networks, and Google search results. 

With this service, you can find your target email addresses in seconds by name, social URL, domain, custom domain list, location, company name, and more, individually or in bulk. Then you can clean your list with a reliable Email Verifier extension to be sure that your data is fresh and valid.

What is more, enables users to find 100%-verified leads on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and add them directly to their outreach sequence. So now, businesses can find and contact potential customers faster and easier than ever before. 

What customers say:

“ is the most complete platform for prospecting and cold outreach. It speeds up the process and turns possible future revenue into the actual present.”

Luiz Octavio Maule Reis

Luiz Octavio Maule Reis

CEO, Populus Sales

Pricing: You can try the freemium plan (50 credits/month) that includes features for not only lead generation but also the email-sending tool, the email warm-up, and a sales CRM. Paid plans start at $39/month. offers a money-back guarantee.

3. email finder is a reputable lead provider that is especially proud of its Domain Search feature. It allows you to reach out to any business – the company boasts 76M websites indexed since 2015. will provide you with a list of companies or websites, which you can upload to your dashboard and get access to the respective email addresses. You can also use Hunter’s Chrome extension to find emails on any websites you’re browsing and validate them with the trusted email verifier tool. 

What customers say:

“Whenever someone asks me about tools that I couldn’t live without, I think of Hunter! It’s super reliable, user-friendly, and almost invisible, which is a huge benefit.”

David Cacik

David Cacik

CMO, CloudTalk

Pricing: A free plan is available (25 searches/month); the Domain Search feature is activated if you subscribe to a paid plan starting at $49/month.

4. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert email finder

Voila Norbert is an intelligent lead provider whose Email Finder tool is considered one of the top on the market today in terms of ease of use, accuracy, and low bounce rate. 

With Voila Norbert, you can easily find validated corporate emails, including those of decision-makers, at scale. All you need is to indicate their name and company domain, and a list of validated emails will be added to your lead base. The tool also allows searching for prospects directly while browsing LinkedIn.

What customers say:

“We’ve been using VoilaNorbert for a while at Salesflare, and I am impressed with both the product’s usability and the quality of the leads.”

Jeroen Corthout

Jeroen Corthout

Co-founder & CET, Salesflare

Pricing: You can find 50 verified leads for free. Paid plans start at $49/month.

5. AeroLeads

Aeroleads email finder

AeroLeads is a lead provider with a massive database of over 650M+ prospects. The emails and phone numbers in the database are validated in real-time, so you can find professional or private contact details of leads without worrying you’ll get old or invalid data. 

When compiling your lead base, you can use various (including very specific) filters such as location, industry, company size, department, job title, seniority level, education, etc. Moreover, the feature allows you to add 100k relevant emails to your lead base with a single click. 

What customers say:

“Aeroleads is a secret source in our outbound marketing channel; it has allowed us to build a successful outbound marketing machine which has resulted in over $100,000 renewable revenue in just the last 6 months.”

Sat Sindhar

Sat Sindhar

CEO, PeopleHR

Pricing: Free trial is available (you’ll get 10 credits and 100 free email verifications). Paid plans start at $49/month (2,000 credits).

6. D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers is a sophisticated lead generation and analytics solution that allows you to create B2B lead lists based on buying intent. The solution offers an opportunity to pull B2B leads from 170M business records by applying such specialized criteria as location, industry codes, and initial public offering (IPO) status. 

Meanwhile, its D&B Rev.Up ABX feature provides predictive analytics and propensity modeling insights to identify your most likely customers and how they want to engage throughout their buyer’s journey. All these together can help you build your lead base meaningfully. You can also use its predictive real-time lead scoring feature for your lead flow optimization. 

What customers say:

“We incorporated D&B Rev.Up ABX through Lattice earlier this year globally into our MarTech and saw an initial 67% increase in Sales Accepted Leads and improved targeted prospect engagement by 36%.”

Zarina Stanford

Zarina Stanford

Former Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, Rackspace Technology

Pricing: The pricing policy is highly customizable; contact the company for more information on paid plans.

7. UpLead

Uplead email finder

UpLead is a trustworthy lead provider that cares much about keeping your lead base clean. Every email you find is verified in real time, and very high accuracy (95%) is guaranteed. With UpLead’s Email Finder, you can search for contacts of decision-makers by entering a contact name, company name, or URL and pay only for valid emails. 

SaaS sales professionals can benefit from Uplead’s proprietary Technographic feature to identify which technology a company is using and target companies that can integrate with the product you’re selling.

The company boasts its vast database comprising 14,333,460 global organizations, as well as the fact that huge B2B multinationals have been using its services for years. 

What customers say:

“As a marketer, Uplead helps me to generate leads for our B2B sales team’s email outreach.”

Philipp Nass

Philipp Nass

Founder & CMO, HOLY

Pricing: You can try the service for free (with 5 credits). Paid plans start at $99/month with no contract.

8. Data Axle Genie (formerly known as Salesgenie)

Data Axle Genie is an excellent lead generation solution for businesses looking to find and win new customers in the U.S. Available online and mobile, its user-friendly lead searching tool helps target a specific industry and narrow your lead list by geographic area, business size, and sales volume. You can dig even deeper into your prospects, searching by such criteria as year established, executive title, credit rating, and more. 

Data Axie Genie’s database comprises 25M+ companies, with 4 million new businesses added every year. Using the most up-to-date information on U.S. business leads gives you powerful B2B lead generation capabilities to grow your business fast.

What customers say: 

“We began to embark on a new marketing campaign and needed to narrow our search for the right leads. With Data Axle Genie, we were able to slice and dice down to the desired target in minutes and execute our campaign. It has been a different experience than dealing with the larger and inaccurate lists we have been experiencing from previous partners.”

Pricing: 3-day free trial. Paid plans with unlimited search start at $99/month for consumers and $149/month for businesses.

9. FindThatLead


In addition to the standard lead search and verification tools, FindThatLead offers a unique feature helping you find businesses interested in your product in your locality. All you need is to enter your location and search for prospects based on industry, company size, job title, and other criteria. 

The tool also includes an email search option using social media URLs so that you can collect verified email addresses from profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms and build your B2B lead base in no time. 

What customers say:

“FTL is an easy to learn and use tool that BOOSTS your clients, we met them at Mobile World Congress 4 years ago, and since then, they have helped us raise a lot of new leads.”

Raúl R.

Raúl R.


Pricing: Freemium is available. Paid plans start at $49/month (5000 monthly credits).

10. Belkins

Belkins is a lead generation company operating in 50+ industries across the globe. It stands out for its flexible approach, able to adapt to the needs of every client using extremely high standards of lead qualification. 

Using Belkins’ tools, you can not only create a selected B2B lead base but also fill it with detailed lead research to check if your leads match your ideal customer profile. Based on this data, the lead provider will act as an intermediary between you and your prospective customers and set appointments with your business’s most promising prospects.

What customers say:

“Basing our marketing approach on accurate lead research and flexible adjustments of other lead nurturing tactics, Belkins targets the right leads and delivers outstanding results.”

Tyler Brewer

Tyler Brewer

VP of Growth & Success at PowerBuy

Pricing: The company has “adaptive planning pricing,” so contact them to find out more.

Bottom line

The B2B lead providers market is rapidly evolving, so it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve and make sure you’re using the latest and greatest technology to get in touch with potential leads. You need to be selective when choosing a lead provider to ensure you’re getting the best leads possible and start seeing results quickly.

It’s hard to recommend any of the lead providers among the list we’ve discussed above. You should choose the service based on your expectations and needs. Yet, if you need a solution that would not only provide quality leads but also help you with their management, automate email outreach and keep all your data under a single roof of a CRM – offering a mild price – is a lead provider you should pay your attention to. 

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